Review: Mojo Queen by Sonya Clark

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Mojo Queen by Sonya Clark
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Published by: Lyrical Press on May 2, 2011
Format: eARC
Pages: 123
Source: Author
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Hoodoo and high magic are on a collision course.

Roxanne Mathis isn't like everyone else. Not only can she see auras and spectral entities, she can mix herbs and roots for spells to do good or ill. She can even light a candle without the benefit of a match. But when she’s hired to exorcise a demon from a young girl, she discovers the limits of her powers.

With her vampire cousin at her side and a sexy sorcerer chasing her on the rebound, Roxie sets out to send that evil entity back to where she came from.

Nothing is as it seems and Roxie’s in over her head. It’s not going to be enough for her to just be a paranormal investigator and old school root worker – to defeat this demon, she’s going to have to be the Mojo Queen.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Smexy2 Dark, magical and wickedly sexy!

Roxanne Mathis is anything but your average girl, she’s a witch and “ghost hunter” who happens to have a vampire as her cousin. As a paranormal investigator and exterminator, Roxanne is used to dealing with mischievous ghosts and spirits in her work, but nothing prepares her for her latest gig. When a couple of college students hire her to perform an exorcism, things take a dark and ominous turn and Roxie finds herself in the middle of a string of slayings by a conjured demon. As if things couldn’t get any worse, Roxie feels an immense attraction for the mysterious and sexy sorcerer, Blake, who unleashed all the evil she is now trying to banish. In a world where nothing is as it seems, Roxie will have to put in some major overtime on this case, embrace her true power to defeat the demon and try her best not to mix business with pleasure!

“Blake reached for a backpack on the floor I had not seen in the darkness. He opened it, fished something out, and tossed it to me. I didn’t so much catch it as let it fall in my lap. A chocolate candy bar. It was my turn to quirk an eyebrow.” Waving the bar at him I said, “What, is this to ward off dementors?”

This is one of those stories that make you pull an all-nighter to finish! Sonya Clark masterfully combines paranormal romance with an edgy dark side and great humor. Roxie takes center stage as the heroine and completely wins you over with her charm and wit. She’s not your typical Alpha butt kicking leading lady, but holds her own as a smart and sometimes nerdy witch with insecurities. Blake, Seth and Daniel are the perfect ensemble of supporting characters for this smart and spellbinding story. Even the villain has personality and is quite entertaining!

MOJO QUEEN delivers a mysterious thrill ride full of lust and danger. Blake and Roxie have major sexual tension for most of the book and a few sexy scenes that will leave the “smut lover,” like me, content. I’d label this story more urban fantasy with paranormal romance elements for a lack of strong romance, but one you’ll surely devour. Roxie and her gang will keep you in suspense, entertain you with their sparkling personalities and have you laughing out loud at times. If you like your paranormal with a pinch of darkness and spoonfuls of humor, this one’s for you!


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  1. I have been stalking this book and tour. Thank you for sharing today. I absolutely love paranormals “with a pinch of darkness and spoonfuls of humor” they make my day just full of brightness LOL

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