Review: Invisible Sun by S.J. Davis

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Invisible Sun by S.J. Davis
Genre: Steampunk
Published by: Vamptasy Publishing on November 2012
Format: eARC
Pages: 208
Source: Author
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In Victorian London, at the beginning of the Industrial Age and the height of man’s obsession with alchemy, scientists gave birth to the foundation of modern genetic science. As steampunk airships cut across the foggy city of Gravesend, vampires are brought to life.

But instead of scavengers prowling the fringe of society, these creatures have evolved to be the respected organizers of the Society, a universal religion, and the Guardians of Science.

One stray drop has spilled from the vein. Draegan, heralded from birth as the genetically perfect vampire, has turned rogue, attacking the women of London’s East End. Only his brother, with the help of Lady Astrid West, can hunt him down before he is able to unleash his full insanity upon the helpless city. And only another birth, the birth of yet another perfect vampire, can stop his madness.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

An eclectic mix of steampunk and vampires!

In INVISIBLE SUN, author S.J. Davis creates a fascinating world where science and technology meets vampires in Victorian England. Genetic science has made it possible to create vampires with no real threat to humanity and a “peace treaty” in place. Thought as the perfect vampire specimen, Draegan is revered by his people but soon proves to be anything but perfect. Draegan has a hunter’s instinct and taste for blood that has turned him rogue. The grotesque murders of several women send a panic through the streets of London, disturbing the natural order between humans and vampires, forcing Luca, Draegan’s brother, to take matters into his own hands before total anarchy ensues.

With an exciting new premise of the paranormal set in Victorian England, this novel held great expectations from me. The writing style is inviting but the characters lack a bit more substance. We learn about Draegan and Luca’s upbringing briefly, but do not have a chance to really connect with their personalities and characters, due to the fast paced story line. Astrid’s character is given some depth, but what could have been an engaging romance between her and Luca is diminished by the action, that’s the romance lover in me talking. Science definitely plays a major role in INVISIBLE SUN, staying true to the Steampunk elements. This can be a bit overwhelming to a new reader of this genre but I was intrigued by it all, especially insinuation of Jack the Ripper. The novel works its way to a climactic set of events and is then followed by an abrupt ending that left me both frustrated and hopeful that a sequel is in the works soon to tie up loose ends.

Science fiction and Steampunk fans are sure to find a delectable read in INVISIBLE SUN. A cold blooded killer, a threat to the world in the form of a virus and sibling rivalry make for a thrilling adventure in a futuristic world of airships and vampires. Despite the unexpected ending and lack of romance, I enjoyed the history and suspense the story has to offer. Davis is an edgy new voice in Steampunk that will rouse your interest with her creativity and delivery!

RtDS Recommends: If you enjoy sci-fi thrillers in a steam powered world and vampires of course!


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  1. This novel sounds awesome! I love paranormal and Victorian England, and they’re put together in this one?! Sign me up! It’s too bad that the characters are lacking, though. Good characters are crucial if I’m going to really love a book. Great review! 🙂

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