Early Review: Her Perfect Mate by Paige Tyler

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Her Perfect Mate by Paige Tyler
Series: X-Ops #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense
Published by: Sourcebooks Casablanca on May 6, 2014
Format: eARC
Pages: 352
Source: NetGalley
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Their attraction is more dangerous than any weapon of mass destruction...

When Special Forces Captain Landon Donovan is chosen for an assignment with the Department of Covert Operations, he's stunned to find his new partner is a beautiful woman who looks like she couldn't hurt a fly, much less take down a terrorist.

Ivy Halliwell isn't your average covert op. Her feline DNA means she can literally bring out the claws when things get dicey. She isn't thrilled to be paired with yet another military grunt, but Landon is different. He doesn't think she's a freak-and he's smokin' hot. Soon they're facing a threat even greater than anyone imagines... and an animal magnetism impossible to ignore.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Great suspense with just enough paranormal for this PNR junkie!

HER PERFECT MATE starts by introducing us to Landon Donovan, a Special Forces Captain that is plucked from his current mission and assigned to a covert military department known as the DOC (Department of Covert Operations) with operatives that have special abilities. His new partner Ivy Halliwell might have supermodel looks but she’s not to be underestimated. Ivy’s skilled in combat but her feline DNA gives her a special advantage when tracking down the bad guys. Tired of being ridiculed by former partners and labeled a freak of nature, Ivy is hesitant to work with Landon, sure he’s hot, but is he any different from the rest of her ex-partners? As the two get ready for their new assignment the sexual tension between Landon and Ivy escalates, making their already dangerous mission that more trying.

Ms. Tyler has created a unique series that perfectly blends romantic suspense and the paranormal for an engaging thrill ride…add in the military element and you’ve got yourself a winner! The shifters in this world are born, not made and don’t exactly have the ability to turn into their “animal form” but have enhanced abilities. I thought this was a refreshing approach to the shifter myth, having them work for a covert military operation fit perfectly and didn’t seem too far fetched. Throw in some villains turned mad scientists, who want to create their own “super breed” of soldiers and the stakes are raised. It’s easy to be drawn into such an original story that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Landon and Ivy are both strong characters that have great chemistry. I enjoyed the flirty banter and their initial resistance to each other which was totally believable, especially on Ivy’s part. Landon is hands down an alpha male with his military background and kick ass skills but he’s also surprisingly sweet and romantic, I loved him from the start…including his nerdy reference to LoTR while describing a location to his team! He treats Ivy as an equal and isn’t afraid to let her take the lead. There were times where I really thought he was too good to be true and expected a huge bombshell that would change my mind, but it never happened. He seemed to handle Ivy’s shifter abilities pretty well as well as her apprehensions towards him. Ivy, on the other hand took a little time to warm up to, it wasn’t until she let her guard down with Landon that I got to see more of her personality and she grew on me. These two make a great pair on and off duty! I wasn’t too thrilled with the quick I love yous before the book’s end, I would have liked to have seen this couple get another book before that happened, but I’m glad they did get a happy ending.

The characters in HER PERFECT MATE draw you into the story with their charisma and the author gives us just enough back story but keeps you focused on the engaging plot. While Landon and Ivy’s story is the main focus in this installment, there are a few supporting characters that leave their mark (Clayne and Kendra just to name two) and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of in future books. If you’re looking for an action packed, sexy read with alphas and a new take on shifters, I highly recommend this series debut!


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  1. This a new to me author, I don’t think I ever heard from her before, and that’s one of the reasons I love following you guys 🙂 I get to discover new author every day. I not very big on romantic suspense, maybe I just haven’t listened to the right books. Maybe this series can turn things around.

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