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This book may be unsuitable for readers under 18 years of age due to one or more of the following: strong sexual content, language, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Vampire's Thirst by Cynthia Garner
Series: Awakening #2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Published by: Forever Yours on May 6, 2014
Format: eARC
Pages: 240
Source: NetGalley
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Starting where Book 1 left off, Duncan MacDonnough has assumed leadership of the local vampire conclave and changes are being met with resistance.

Kimber Treat, the necromancer everyone (including her) blames for starting the zombie apocalypse in the first place. Duncan and Kimber are new in their love and the complications of zombies and hungry vampires puts stress on an already shaky relationship. Duncan wants to keep her safe, but Kimber still believes she can end the Outbreak. Will the cost be too great?

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Another sexy installment to the series. I wasn’t expecting all the smexiness between Duncan and Kimber, but even the zombie apocalypse couldn’t stop these two from keeping their hands off each other!

VAMPIRE’S THIRST picks up right where VAMPIRE’S HUNGER left off, with the zombie apocalypse in full swing. Since de-throning his vampire Queen, Duncan is acclimating to his new role as leader which is proving to be tougher than killing a horde of zombies! The humans living in the compound who offer blood donations in exchange for protection are threatening to start a rebellion, his fellow vampires are on edge and his relationship with Kimber continues to be tested. Just another day in the apocalypse! To make matters worse, the darkness of the Unseen has made Kimber’s powers stronger, causing fear among the living and the undead. Her guilt over starting the outbreak leading to the zombie apocalypse still looms over her and she’s determined to use her newfound powers to put an end to all of it, at any cost. Together they survived the zombie apocalypse but can their love be enough to survive its end?

First, let me start off by saying I really love the concept of this book, the unique world of humans, necromancers, vampires, fae and the walking dead co-existing definitely raise the stakes of survival. I expected more of a plot driven story and world building this time around now that the characters have been established, but I was found wanting. The author just touches the surface of this supernatural world and diverts your attention to the main characters instead. Not what I expected in a sequel, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the story, Ms. Garner delivers an entertaining read with a few pleasant surprises along the way that made up for that small hiccup.

Everyone that reads my reviews knows I love my books with plenty of smexiness. There’s nothing like great sexual tension to keep you turning the pages, right?! But what happens when there’s too much sex, also, is that even possible? Normally I’d say NO WAY there can never be too much sex, but while reading I found myself thinking: Duncan and Kimber need to focus more on ending the zombie apocalypse and less time having sex in every other chapter…I know there isn’t any TV or internet but come on guys…zombie apocalypse?! I guess you have to get it when you can in a post apocalyptic world so I’ll rest my case! 😉

The intense chemistry between Duncan and Kimber that I couldn’t get enough of in VAMPIRE’S HUNGER is still going strong in this installment. They’ve both had time to get to know one another better since living together at the compound without the constant threat of trying to stay alive, their relationship status might be undefined but it’s clear that they love each other. Sometimes I think Duncan voices his love for Kimber far more than she does for him, but I think it’s just that Kimber still has a small wall up. Her stubbornness is annoying at times but she means well so I can’t fault her for that. Just when I think the story is headed in one direction with her character, the author takes me down a different road. View Spoiler » I found this an interesting twist to the plot but was also scared for her and Duncan.

I couldn’t do the book justice without mentioning my two favorite supporting characters, Natalie and Aodhán. I’m glad the possible love triangle between Natalie, Aodhán and Duncan’s right hand man Atticus was hashed out in this book. I’ve wanted them together since book one and thought Natalie handled the situation beautifully. I knew these two would have some panty-ripping action in the bedroom but unfortunately it was cut short by Kimber’s untimely cock blocking! What kind of BFF is she?! I really hope we get more smexiness between Natalie and Aodhán in the future, I’ve waited long enough!

Overall I had a great time revisiting this world and its fun characters. Once again, the ending wrapped up too perfectly for my taste but I’m sure Ms. Garner has more than a few tricks up her sleeve for the next book. Duncan and Kimber’s happily ever after is never a sure thing in this world and I’m looking forward to what the future holds for them. Supernaturals, suspense, plenty of hot sex and a group of endearing characters await you in VAMPIRE’S THIRST!

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About Cynthia Garner

Cynthia Garner discovered her love for writing when her sixth grade teacher told the class to write a story that began "It was a dark and stormy night..." With that Cynthia's love for all things paranormal was born. When she's not working her day job as a mostly mild-mannered Human Resources Manager, she's on her laptop writing or playing way too much Solitaire. Originally from Northeast Ohio, Cynthia now lives in the desert Southwest.


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  1. Zombies, GAH! But this does sound really good, and I’m pretty sure that I already have both this book and book 1 on my wishlist. Will make sure 😉 And I’m always more open to zombies if there are other creatures as well, and Fae . . . I love Fae!

  2. I don’t think this is a series for me Lori, I really don’t like zombies … and if even you think there is too much sex … there has to be.

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