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Happy Monday readers, I hope everyone had a great holiday/weekend! Today I’m excited to be sharing a new series for all you UR/PNR lovers with my stop on the BEAUTIFUL DEATH Book Tour, courtesy of Paranormal Cravings Book Tours. I hope you enjoy Ms. Moore’s interview with her larger than life characters and don’t forget to enter the giveaway! I’m sure after reading this highly entertaining interview you’ll want to add the Uruwashi series to you TBR pile. 🙂

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Character Interview with the men of the Uruwashi series

Hello, I’m Christina Moore, the author of the Uruwashi series and on today’s tour stop I have a special treat for you readers. I managed to track down our reluctant hero and two of his companions for a special interview. (Edit: Tristan wanted to make sure that I stated clearly that Yukihime IS NOT HIS COMPANION, just some crazy little shit that he can’t get rid of. So there you go.)

Christina: Welcome Tristan, Ash and Yukihime. Do you want to take a moment to tell us a little about yourselves?

Tristan: Do I have to?

Ash nudges him with her foot.

Tristan: *sighs* Fine. Uh, hey, everyone. I’m Tristan Blum but lately I’ve been called Uruwashi, mostly by vampires. I still don’t know what the fuck Uruwashi means outside of Beautiful Death, but it’s what I am. So yeah, I guess I don’t know what I am. That good enough?

Christina: Um, Ash, how about you?

Ash: Yes, hello. My name is Ash. However that is not my real name and I prefer not to share it. I am… different. I am Tristan’s companion, always at his side. I suppose I can be a little cold at times but I always mean well, I assure you.

Yukihime: Oh, me, me, me! I’m Yukihime, the Snow Princess, and I well, I don’t remember my birthday but I celebrate every day like it’s my day and thoroughly enjoy life. Mostly by teasing these other two who only just tolerate me.

Christina: Er, right. So let’s just start with a few simple questions, yes? How about… what’s your favorite movie?

Tristan: Oh Christ, “The Fifth Element” without a doubt. MUL-TI-PASSSS! Love it.

Christina: Me too!

Ash: Um… as in motion pictures on the television? I have never seen one, can I chose a book instead?
Christina: Sure.

Ash: The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland.

Christina: Nice, and Yuki?

Yukihime: Any that have excessive violence. Yes, bloody films about Japanese or Chinese culture are the best. I was a real ninja once, you know.

Yukihime makes cutting motions with her hands.

Christina: M-kay… moving along. Favorite food?

Tristan: Hmm, tough one. I don’t look it, but I love to eat. I guess it’s a tie up between corned beef and cabbage, and tacos. I mean, everyone loves tacos, right?

Ash: I do not love tacos. Is this really a serious question?

Yukihime: Asta-chan!

Christina: Well, I can get on board with the tacos things, but my favorite just might have to be tuna sashimi. Spicy crunchy tuna, oh yeah. Oh, or a juicy burger. Okay, any Hobbies?

Tristan: Well… um, right now with my life the way it is, uh, no. Does staying alive count?

Ash scowls.

Ash: I like to read and play the piano. I also have an extensive collection of swords and knifes I like to practice with often.

Yukihime: Oh dear, there’s so many things I love: tea, opium, my koi garden, teasing Desmond, oh and origami… Ice sculpting. Yes, many things. There’s more, I’m sure of it but I just forget sometimes.

Christina: Okay how about one thing you can’t leave the house without?

Tristan: A gun.

Ash: Murasaki Kaeru.

Yukihime: Malik’s head.

Everyone shifts away from Yukihime.

Christina: How about your favorite Shinwa?

Tristan: Isn’t it obvious? Any that don’t try to kill me.

Ash: Are we even supposed to be talking about this?

Yukihime: All of them!

Christina: Okay, last question we have time for today. Anything you’d like to tell the humans following your tale(s)?

Tristan: *sighs* Sorry? I don’t know. I know I suck at this, but I’m doing my best… bear with me, I guess. I’m too stubborn for the secrets to remain secret for long. I will figure all this bullshit out, no doubt.

Ash: Be mindful of the dark. And pythias. Never trust a witch. Or a vampire. Do not trust anyone. Especially Yukihime.

Yukihime: Beware, here there be monsters, arg!

Christina: There you have it folks. Beautiful Death for Kindle is (was) on sale from November 24-30, Bête Noire from December 1-8 and Moon Child from December 9-16, all for $.99 each. There’s also a Tour prize happening, you can find the entry form at Thanks goes to our host, Lori and thank you readers for stopping by.

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About the book

Beautiful-Death-by-Christina-Moore- Beautiful Death (The Uruwashi Series #1)
Author: Christina Moore
Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Book Length: 361
Publisher: Uruwashi Publications
Buy the book: Amazon
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His life is in a monster’s hands but he may be one himself.

The only thing about Tristan’s typical American life that’d been even slightly atypical was that he was adopted. The Blum’s raised him, loved him as if he was their own. But they never knew who Tristan really was, about the stigma his birth surname carried. Everything changed after their untimely death. Suddenly monsters are after Tristan and all because of a few words spoken by a remarkable stranger.

After carelessly stumbling into the arms of the enemy’s servant, a rotting jikininki, the one silently watching over Tristan is forced to intercede. Ash claims to be a hunter, but that’s not the whole truth. Whatever Ash is or isn’t, it’s neither good nor evil. And Ash is the only one who can save Tristan now. But can someone who can’t even accept the unwavering truth that maybe they never were really human to start with be saved?


About Christina Moore

SOMETIMES known as Stinna (pronounced Steena), Christina Moore just so happens to be her real name. Her writing career started under a pseudonym in the romance genre. But her true love has always been the paranormal. Vampires, werewolves, demons, faerie and everything in between, she loves them all—the allure of the unknown. The birth of the Uruwashi series started many years ago with a daydream sparked by a very special voice of a certain bad-ass vampire in her favorite anime. Little did she know then that the story of the Uruwashi would morph into what it is today.

When not writing or chasing her toddler, Christina loves to read, garden, cross-stitch, and play video games. A Maryland native, she lives just outside of beautiful historic downtown Annapolis with her husband, daughter (a.k.a. Tiny Boss) and two Australian Shepherds, Deunan and Aydin. Growing up riding horses to show in dressage and cross-country, later moving on to racing Volkswagens and then finding a career in the architecture industry as a graphic artist/mother hen, she’s never been a real expert in any one thing. Christina has a passion for diversity and enjoys many types of music, film and literature that sometimes clash with the norm. She’s often said she’s going to marry Spike Spiegel when she grows up—her husband understands.



Tour Giveaway: Four winners can choose one book in either Kindle format or (signed) paperback from any of the three Uruwashi Series books: Beautiful Death, Bete Noire and Moon Child. Must have an Amazon account for Kindle book gifting. Paperbacks shipped within the US only and come signed with free bookmarks.

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  1. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the characters that make-up the Uruwashi universe until this interview, but as far as first impressions go, I like what I see! Too bad I missed the Beautiful Death sale, however I’m sure that snagging Bête Noire & Moon Child for $0.99 will help console me somewhat. 😉

    Carmel @ Rabid Reads.

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