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Welcome Lee Ann to Romancing the Darkside!

The Dark Side of Moonlight and Roses

Moonlight and roses evoke romance for many women but for me, its moonlight and something wicked. It may be fangs or fur or immortality or any class of beast but paranormal, anything above and beyond the ordinary or the expected, that lights my personal fire. Of course in real life, my husband is an average mortal with nary a whiff of otherworldliness but I like to dream and those fantasies become the stories that I write.

What sparked my interest in the strange and unusual is something I’ll never know for sure. It could have been growing up in that old brick Victorian house where the paranormal was just everyday normal or maybe it was some of the stories that my Granny, seer and seanachie, shared with me. Whatever her fey gifts, I received them in abundance. Like my great-grandmother, I have a gift for knowing what I should not know or seeing what to most remains unseen. That same talent also came to me from the other side of my family, from my mother’s grandfather, the seventh son of a seventh son (and he had the gift), her mother, and other relatives as well who shared a little DNA and made me what I prefer to call fey and I’ve accepted it long ago.

It could have been my mother’s addiction to Dark Shadows that introduced me to Barnabas Collins or the books I read. I always loved a good ghost story and as a teen, my uncle Darrell began sharing his vast collection of paranormal reads with me. I got hooked and remain so although his reading choices seldom included romance.

Maybe that werewolf I saw when I was eight or nine had something to do with it. Before anyone judges me crazy, I’ll just say that what my cousin and I encountered behind a stone edifice called “The Castle” in a heavily wooded park in an urban setting sure looked like a werewolf to two small kids who already had a very strong interest in all things paranormal. Our memory remains intact and whatever the hell the thing we saw was, we still both can describe it down to the finest hairs. Whether or not it was really a werewolf – which it probably wasn’t – doesn’t matter because we believed it was at the time. That is what makes paranormal and fantasy fiction work – at the moment we read, we believe.

I discovered romance early too, reading my mom’s book club editions of Victoria Holt classics and helping myself to my older cousin’s reading material, much of which happened to be rather explicit. I developed the notion that love and sex went hand in hand together. Add to that a taste for the exotic, the paranormal, and voila – you have a paranormal romance author who doesn’t mind tossing in some heat.

All my romances aren’t paranormal. Of the upcoming titles, I’d say it’s divided about evenly between the paranormal and the contemporary. It depends on whether or not the reader wants to count a little time travel as paranormal but since arriving in a time different than your own isn’t normal, I put it in that category.

Writing is the occupation I’ve striven to make my own for a very long time. Now that I’m living it, learning firsthand about the long hours, the hard work, and the never ending to-do list, I still have no regrets.

And I still dream about romantic moments with something or someone not of this world.  If you do too, come join me in my stories.

A huge thanks to Lee Ann for stopping by today, hope you all enjoyed it! 

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About the Author

Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy is now a full-time author living in the mystical Ozark mountains with her husband, three kids, and whatever things that go bump in the night happen along.  Her novels include Love Tattoo and Wolfe’s Lady, both from Evernight Publishing.  Love Scars continues the story begun in Love Tattoo and will be out this summer.  So will two more novels! She is also a member of Romance Writers of America.
For more information on Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy visit her here:
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