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Welcome to my stop on the Eternal Hearts Blog Tour! Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Jennifer Turner, the author of the great paranormal romance series Darkness Within. Read on to learn more about Jennifer and the new exciting world of vampires she’s created!

Welcome Jennifer…I’m so excited to have you here today! Now onto the important stuff…

Give us three (3) facts about yourself that will surprise your readers. 

1. Although I’m pretty tame online – I cuss like a sailor in real life. 😉
2. I have a ridiculous obsession with straight lines.
3. I haven’t had cable TV for almost a decade!

What do you feel are the essential elements of a great story?

Personally, I think there’s only one essential element for a great story – engaging characters. If a book has a great cast of characters, they alone can make up for anything else the story might be lacking.

Some of your characters in the Darkness Within series have very unique names. How did you go about choosing them?

I didn’t. 🙂 Whenever I need a unique or old sounding name, I always ask my husband. I swear – he’s like a walking, talking name dictionary. And if any of the unique names you’re referring to happen to belong to a Nelek – believe it or not, my hubby is actually responsible for creating the entire Nelek cast of characters. I just bring them to life through words. 😉

How does your worldview and ideology affect your writing?

To be honest, I try extremely hard not to let my own worldview or ideology affect my writing. However, I think my worldview probably shows the most when I’m writing darker or more detached characters. I have a fairly cynical personality as it is, so it’s easy for me to sync with a character that doesn’t see the world as a shiny happy place. But aside from that similarity, I do my best not to let any of my own opinions cloud my character’s perceptions. Otherwise, I’d just be writing myself with different names…and I’m really not that interesting. 😉

Which do you think is more important for an author, experience or imagination?

In the age of instant communication and the internet, I’d say imagination is far more important for an author – because good research can easily make up for lack of experience.

Do you consider your stories to be character driven or plot driven?

For me, it really depends on the characters of each story. Eternal Seduction is definitely more character driven overall, but Eternal Hearts is very much plot driven. And the next book, Eternal Embrace, is a mixture of both. 🙂

I love your heroines because they’re flawed vs. squeaky-clean perfect. Where do you get your inspiration to write such strong women?

I get my inspiration from real women. I don’t know anyone, including myself, who’s even close to being perfect…so the thought of writing that kind of heroine has never entered my mind. In my opinion, flaws and strengths are what make people real, and I think those same realistic qualities are also what helps a reader connect with a character. I don’t want to tell the story of a beautiful woman who has everything, unless of course, she just lost it all and is trying to figure out how to put her life back together. 😉

The dark, brooding, tortured vampire who struggles with his “dark side” is a popular trait among vampires in paranormal romance, yet your vampires fully embrace their nature. Did you purposely stay away from the “tortured hero” element?

I don’t think I purposely stayed away from the “tortured hero” element as much as it just doesn’t fit into my series. I deal with a lot of vampires who are thousands upon thousands of years old, so the time for them to smack the back of their hand to their forehead and cry “woe is me” has definitely passed. The old ones may have certain laments here and there, but most of them are completely content with their vampiric condition. Granted, I still have some tortured characters here and there, but their issues tend to stem from past encounters or experiences, not their supernatural state.

As much as I love Kerestyan in Eternal Seduction, it was Odin I found more intriguing (I love a bad boy!). I’m sure this has been asked before but I couldn’t resist: Will Odin have his own book? * keeps fingers crossed *

LOL! I’d have to say this is the question I get asked the most. 😉 Yes, Odin will definitely get his own book. His book, Eternal Embers, is book #5 in the series, and has a tentative release date of October 2012. 🙂

Not that I would ever want to change my mental pictures of your characters, if you had to, who would you cast as your main characters in this series?

Truth be told…I have absolutely no idea. I have such a strong mental image of the characters that I’m not sure any actor could truly do them justice. 🙂

Who is your favorite fictional vampire? Why?

My favorite vampire is Cyrus from Jennifer Armintrout’s Blood Ties series. And I love him because every single time I think he’s about to turn the corner from horrible monster to unrepentant bad boy…he totally shocks me and goes back to where he’s most comfortable. 🙂

What book is currently on your nightstand?

Unwritten Rules by M.A. Stacie.

How many books do you have planned for this series?

At this point, I’ve planned for 15 books. There’s a fairly good chance there could be a few more than that, but I doubt there will be less. I think I have a pretty strong plot arc that ties all the series books together, so I’m rather confident I can carry the storyline for at least 15 books without anyone getting bored with it…including me. 🙂

Just for fun:
Vampires or werewolves?
Vampires. 🙂

Morning person or night owl?
Night owl.

If you were stranded on a deserted island, who would you want for company?
No one. I’d prefer that when (not if) I go batsh*t crazy and start talking to inanimate objects like rocks and coconuts – no one be there to whip out their cell phone and post the video to YouTube. 😀

What’s your current guilty pleasure?
Not writing. 😉 I know that probably sounds bad, but I’ve been so busy with promotion for the new book that I’m happily spending my free time doing anything that doesn’t involve the books. The whip will be cracking again as of July 1st though. 🙂

What’s your favorite vacation spot?
Eagle’s Nest cabin in the Smokey Mountains.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer all my questions and congratulations on Eternal Seduction and Eternal Hearts!

Thanks so much for having me, Lori. 🙂 I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to share my books with you and your readers!

Read An Excerpt:

Every muscle Toni owned tensed as she stared up into the angry eyes of Lord Christian Locke, Mr. Fancy Pants himself, right there…in the flesh. She silently cursed her horrible luck as he deftly stepped around Drake and moved to stand directly in front of her.

For the second time that night, she shifted between her feet as a pair of veiled blue eyes bored into her. But unlike Drake’s, Christian’s eyes weren’t filled with sadness and pain – his were as cold and calculating as she remembered. And if anything else lurked somewhere deep behind them, anything at all, she either couldn’t see it or didn’t know how to recognize the emotions.

What she hoped was inside him somewhere was compassion and warmth. She wanted to believe that behind those frigid blue eyes and kingly demeanor was a good man, who just did everything he could to hide his true feelings from the world.

That’s what she wanted to believe – but that didn’t mean it was true.

She’d been burned enough times to know that what you wanted to believe was inside someone, and what was truly there…were sometimes two very different things.

Silence stung the air for what felt like an hour before he finally opened his mouth. “Miss Tutoro, I’m so happy to see you’ve made it back to our fair city unharmed. Please, enlighten me as to why you’ve come home. I’m absolutely dying to know.” His smooth English accent made him sound every bit as snotty as he looked.

Feeling forced to defend herself in a way she wasn’t prepared for; Toni returned his sarcasm with a dash of her own. “As always, Christian, you’re looking lovely this evening. Did Armani make that suit especially for you? It’s simply ravishing,” she quipped, trying to mimic his accent.

It didn’t mix well with the Spanish hint she already had.

She tried not to smile when she heard Drake snort, but she couldn’t help it. She knew she should be nice, knew Christian Locke held everything she wanted in his fancy little manicured hands, but something about the smug, holier-than-thou look on his face just screamed for her to do everything in her power to annoy him.

“Do you find my suit unacceptable?” His sharp tone practically dared her to respond.

“Well, since you asked,” she said as she took a step back and gave him an obvious once over, “you might wanna tell him to keep his eye on the scissors. Your right sleeve looks a tad longer than your left.”

He didn’t react. Instead, he continued to stare at her with glaring disinterest. She thought she remembered how unsettling that stare was, but she was wrong. It made her feel icky all the way down to her toes this time. Last time it was only to her knees.

But she just…couldn’t…stop. “Oh wait, that’s right.” She waved a hand at him. “It’s all coming back to me now. It’s you that’s off. Your right arm’s just a little longer than your left, isn’t it?” She blew out a sigh then offered him her most sympathetic smile. “We can’t all be perfect, can we?”

“Miss Tutoro, it would seem to me if one was seeking solace in a city they’d already been thrown out of once, one would adopt a little more humble attitude. Wouldn’t you agree?” The new, much darker edge to his voice sent fear tap dancing down her spine.

Toni sucked in a deep breath and slowly nodded. He was right. He was the only one who could give her permission to stay in Chicago, and here she was, treating him like crap.

She looked back up at him, hoping he could hear the truth in every word she was about to say. “I just wanted to come home, Christian. I’ve been driving around the country, trying to find a place that feels right. I’ve been in more cities than I can count, and I still haven’t found one that feels like home.” She struggled to keep her voice steady. “I’m not here to cause trouble, I swear. I just wanna see faces that actually smile at me again. I wanna sleep a full day without nightmares.” She turned away when she lost the battle against her tears.

How could she explain what Chicago meant to her? How much she needed to be home?

After a few moments passed, Toni wiped her cheeks and cleared her throat. She had to make him understand. But as she turned to face him again, a feeling of doom settled deep into the pit of her stomach.

He seemed to be watching her with an odd, detached curiosity.

Wanting desperately to believe she could reach him, she forced herself to continue. “This city stays with me wherever I go. I was born here, and for every awful memory I have here, there are still fifty good ones.” She lowered her eyes when his face didn’t change. “I don’t know what I was thinking…you wouldn’t understand.”

“Have you secured yourself a place to stay? I know you haven’t purchased any homes or leased an apartment. There are also no reservations for you or any of your aliases at any hotel in the city.”

Toni surrendered with a spiteful laugh. He hadn’t changed at all. “No, Christian, I haven’t broken your rules by making any permanent arrangements. I have my car. That’s it.” She narrowed her eyes when a look of pure amusement swept across his face, instantly churning her doomed feeling into seething anger. “Look, if you’re gonna throw me out or kill me, could you get on with it already? It’s getting late and I don’t have much time to run before the sun comes up. You’re at least gonna be a good sport about this, right?”

His sharp features took on the texture of concrete. “I will arrange for you to stay in a suite at my hotel. When you arrive in the lobby, give the desk clerk your name and he’ll take care of your needs.” One of his brows rose slightly as his eyes moved over her. “I’ll also have him make a few calls in order to procure you an article of clothing more befitting a woman. I expect you dressed appropriately when you arrive at my office tomorrow evening, where we’ll finish discussing your official request to stay in my city. Be there at Midnight, not a second later.”

It took everything Toni had not to look down at the sidewalk to see if her jaw had landed on one of his expensive Italian shoes. What did he say? Was she still sleeping?

Was she really in Chicago?

She barely registered the weight lift from her body as Christian’s gaze shifted up to Drake, who at some point during the conversation had moved to stand behind her.

“Mr. Black, it’s a pleasure as always,” he said as he extended a hand, which Drake easily accepted. “Since it would appear my Head of Enforcement felt so comfortable leaving Miss Tutoro in your capable hands, you’ll understand if I ask that you remain with her for now.

Unfortunately, I have it on good authority that once Brick and 8-Ball finish sanitizing the scene on Rush Street, they’re going to find themselves otherwise occupied for a time.”

Toni stiffened at his words. “Christian, please don’t hurt them. I’m the one who called 8-Ball. He warned me not to come, but I didn’t listen. If you’re gonna punish someone, punish me. It’s my fault. They don’t deserve to get…” Her words faded into mumbles as Drake’s big hand clamped tight over her mouth.

“I’ll stay with her, Lord Locke. It’s not a problem.”

When the monster inside her thrashed and growled, Toni committed to the only action that blind instinct would allow – she sank her teeth into one of Drake’s meaty fingers.
“Ouch!” He ripped is hand away from her mouth. “I can’t believe you just fucking bit me! I should’ve known better.”

She whipped around to face him and jammed a finger into his chest. “Don’t you ever try to silence me again! Brick and 8-Ball are my friends, and I don’t wanna see anything happen to them. And I’d rather be put in the sun for five seconds because I said too much, than stand here knowing they might end up with some punishment they don’t deserve. I don’t even know you that well, but if Christian tried to pin you as an accessory to this whole, awful situation just because you’re standing here with me, I’d do the same for you!”

He couldn’t have looked any more shocked if she’d hoisted her leg up and kicked him in the junk. “You’d endure a Trial By Sun, for me? Lady, you don’t even know me.”

“I may not know you, but so far all you’ve tried to do is help.” She withdrew her hand. “You didn’t have to offer to stay with me so 8-Ball could go with Brick, but you did, and I appreciate that. It means a lot more to me than you’ll ever know.” She turned away from him as the stupid tears she’d been fighting all night welled up yet again. “I’d do anything for my friends. So just keep your big hands away from my mouth and we should be fine.”

Toni drew a deep breath in an attempt to pull her scrambled emotions together, then eyed Christian, who had a smile she could only describe as evil stretched all the way across his face. “What the hell are you smiling at now?”

He actually laughed at her. “Nothing, Miss Tutoro. Nothing at all.”

She fisted her hands. “Please, just promise me you won’t hurt them.”

“I have absolutely no intention of hurting them. After all, it does me no good if my Enforcement Team is out of commission.” If it was possible, his smile turned even more malicious at the edges. “However, I’m sure they’ll wish I had offered a physical punishment by the time I finish speaking with them about the disrespectful practice of keeping secrets from their Lord. If I remember correctly, don’t those of the Warrior lineage just love a good, long lecture?”

When Drake’s loud laughter boomed behind her, Toni had to smile. If there was one punishment she knew 8-Ball hated, it was some Trump giving him the verbal what-for. He’d always complained that Trumps had a bad habit of using words bigger than their egos, which as far as he could tell, no board room could hold without serious structural damage.

Not that 8-Ball was really one to talk when it came to huge egos, but she’d gladly take him and Brick being on the business end of a lecture over the possible alternatives any day.

“Now, Miss Tutoro, if you would kindly excuse me, I have other pressing business this evening.

And please, do find yourself a coat. It’s far too cold to be out in the city without one.

Actions as such make the humans look twice.” He gave a curt nod before he turned and walked back to his car. “Oh, and Mr. Black,” he called as he slid into the backseat, “please see to it that your charge arrives at my hotel within the hour.” He’d no more than finished his request before the door closed and his car was gone.

Toni watched as the glowing red taillights of the Lord of Chicago’s white Mercedes quickly faded in the distance. What the hell had just happened?

You’ve entered the Twilight Zone, that’s what just happened. She nodded in response to the voice in her mind. The last courtesy she’d expected when Locke had stepped out of his car was the offer of a meeting and a suite at his hotel. A swift kick in the behind and a warning to be out before sunrise, most definitely, especially since that was the response she’d gotten from the Lords of other cities as soon as she told them her name. But a warm place to stay without the threat of being hunted by the Enforcement Team…not even close.

Now, if she could only keep her mouth under control at the meeting…

She turned and looked up at Drake at the thought. Apparently, the meeting wasn’t the only place she needed to keep her mouth to herself.

She rested a hand on his forearm. “I’m sorry I bit you.”

He wrinkled his nose like a five year old and made a production of rubbing his booboo. “Me, too.”

“Oh, please.” She grabbed the offended hand and pressed a kiss to the wounded finger that had probably healed the second he’d removed it from her mouth. “There. All better.”

He jerked his arm back as though she’d touched him with an open flame. “Don’t do that.” The pain in his eyes deepened right before that invisible curtain slammed back into place. He flashed a smile that wasn’t true. “The last place my fingers need to be is anywhere near your mouth. You’ve already proven you’re a biter.”

Toni mirrored his false smile, even though what she wanted to do was ask why he kept trying to be someone else. But then, she knew all too well what it felt like not to be happy with who you were. She’d felt that way for the last three years, and to this day, she’d give anything to go back to who she was before. Back to a time when her life consisted of more than running to stay alive, back to before one night and a few bad decisions changed everything.

She stared down at his hand. “If I hurt you, Drake, I really am sorry.”

A long moment of silence stretched between them before he asked, “Can I ask you a question?”

She nodded, but couldn’t quite meet his eyes. “Sure.”

“Why do you apologize so much?”

“Because…” She bit at the inside of her bottom lip then cleared her throat. “Because I promised myself a long time ago that I’d never waste a chance to tell someone how I really feel. That I’d never walk away from someone I knew I’d hurt without telling them I was sorry…even if they couldn’t hear me.”

“Well,” he sighed, his voice seemingly filled with the same regret she felt. He rested a warm hand on her shoulder, sending a shiver down her spine. “Even though my finger will probably get all infected now and swell up like a bloated corpse, I want you to know that I’ll probably forgive you someday.” He slid his hand down her arm and squeezed her fingers tight. “But today’s not your day…and tomorrow ain’t lookin’ too good either.”

She ripped her hand away from him when he burst into a loud fit of laughter. “Oh my God!” She grabbed a fistful of his long hair then yanked his face down to her level. “What’s wrong with you? Why would you say something like that to me? What did I ever do to you?”

“Ow, ow, ow. You’re hurting me. Say you’re sorry! Say you’re sorry!”

She tugged hard on his hair again, but this time all she could do was laugh at the exaggerated way he bent at the waist and contorted sideways as his face scrunched up. “You’re just not right.”

He flashed the most beautiful, most genuine smile she’d ever seen. “Yeah, but now you’re laughing.”

She slowly released her hold on his hair, noticing for the first time how soft the dark strands felt as they slipped between her fingers. She couldn’t remember the last time someone had tried to make her laugh. Couldn’t recall, aside from 8-Ball and Brick, the last time she’d been touched by a vampire who wasn’t trying to kill her.

She looked up at Drake, watching the way his eyes seemed to lighten a little more every second he stared back at her, until not even a trace of the sadness remained. Where the darkness had gone or why, she didn’t know, but she’d been alone and unwanted for so long that she wasn’t sure whether to smile because he made her feel so good, or cry because she knew she didn’t deserve it.

You don’t deserve it. Toni swallowed the jagged knot tightening her throat and backed away from the man who had no idea what kind of monster he stood so close to. “We should probably head for Locke’s hotel.” She tucked her hair behind her ears as the frigid wind picked up around them. “When we get there, I’ll see if I can find someone who knows him. Maybe I can get his number and talk him into letting you go. I’m sure you’ve got better things to do than be stuck with someone like me. Someone you don’t even know.”

“Oh. Hell. No.” He folded his arms over his chest while that adorable, lopsided grin from earlier reformed on his lips. “I’m not going to the hotel yet. I’m not moving an inch until you say it.”

She blinked at him. “Say what?”

“Say what?” His mouth gaped open like a suffocating fish. “I want you to say you’re sorry for pulling my hair. I want you to say you’re sorry for almost snapping my spine in two.” He scuffed one of his big black boots against the sidewalk. “There’s ice down there, ya know. I almost fell, and I don’t have health insurance yet.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. I want an apology.”

She moved to stand in front of him again. “I’m sorry that I bit you. I’m sorry that I pulled your hair. And I’m sorry if I hurt you, because that’s not what I wanted.” She tipped her head back and stared into his eyes. “And I’m sorry that the longer you’re around me, the more I’ll have to say I’m sorry…because I will hurt you again. I’m sorry Brick and 8-Ball had to leave. I’m sorry you got stuck with me. And I’m sorry that I couldn’t be in this city for more than an hour without fucking everything up again. You have no idea just how sorry I am. But I promise I’ll do everything I can to get Christian to let you go. Now, can we go to the hotel?”

“Wow.” His blue eyes widened as he inhaled a deep breath. “When you Warriors swing…you really go for the fences don’t you? And then that fence, and that one, then the one over there, then you run back to where you started and do it all over again.” He shook his head. “Truthfully, I don’t know how you do it, because I’m getting tired just watching you.”

Toni gave in to the light tugging sensation at the corners of her mouth when Drake started laughing again. Deep and damningly contagious, the rich sound rolled over her in a soothing wave, making the air feel just a little bit warmer, a little less empty.

“I have an idea.” He rubbed his hands together then blew a breath between them. “How ‘bout you pick a mood and stick with it for five minutes, I’ll worry about what I’m getting myself into, and we’ll head to the hotel where they have this great invention called heat.”

She studied him for a minute, watching the steady rise and fall of his chest as he breathed, the way each breath that slipped past his lips became a burst of steam as it mingled with the cold air, and how his tongue darted out every so often to moisten those lips.
Everything about him was human…

And from what she could tell, he didn’t even try. He didn’t stop to concentrate every few minutes. Didn’t appear to give as much as a second thought to the human functions he maintained. He imitated life with perfection, down to the very last detail, as though he’d never lost it.

She bit down hard on the inside of her cheek as jealousy tingled through her again. He was right. She seriously needed to get her emotions under control. She’d already bitten the poor guy once because she’d let the beast get the better of her, the least she could do was pick one fence to swing at. Besides, how much damage could she do to him in less than 24 hours?

About the Author:

Jennifer Turner lives in Bowling Green, Ohio, with her husband, twelve year old daughter and two cats.  She regularly claims one of the aforementioned takes far more work than the others to maintain – but she won’t share which one. She’s the middle child between two brothers, and the favorite child of her parents. Of course, that’s always subject to opinion. Jennifer began her writing career as a self-published romance author, but is now represented by Robert Gottlieb, Chairman of Trident Media Group.

For more information on Jennifer, visit her here:
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