Review: The Vampire Narcise by Colleen Gleason

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The Vampire Narcise by Colleen Gleason
Series: Regency Draculia #3
Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance
Published by: Mira on June 1, 2011
Format: eARC
Pages: 352
Source: NetGalley
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Regency England stands defiant against Napoleon.

But battles among men mean little to those who live forever – especially when the Dracule are waging their own war.

Skilled in the seduction of men, both mortal and immortal, Narcise Moldavi is the greatest weapon in her twisted brother's war among the Dracule. Until she falls for Giordan Cale.

Her first searing encounter with Giordan seals their fierce connection for their eternal lives. But Giordan's vow to help Narcise escape her brother's rule is followed by a betrayal more agonizing than sunlight.

Wounded but determined, Narcise ensnares vampire hunter Chas Woodmore in her quest for revenge and to reclaim her life. He wants her, worships her, will kill for her. And the Dracule never forget a wrong--nor do they forgive.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Colleen Gleason saved the best for last in this series! Being the only female Dracule in the series, Narcise’s character had me intrigued from the moment she was mentioned so I knew her story was going to be exciting and emotional and as usual, Colleen Gleason delivers!

Turned vampire because of her brother Cezar’s obsession with her, Narcise has since lived as a prisoner and as “entertainment” to his vile friends. She must fight to keep what little privacy she has while constantly mistreated, and dreams of nothing but finding a way out of Cezar’s home and being away from his power over her. When she meets fellow vampire, Giordan Cale, Narcise believes her prayers have been answered. Giordan isn’t the usual company Cezar Moldavi keeps, he becomes enamoured with Narcise and vows to rescue her from her evil brother. To save her, Giordan will have to succumb to Cezar’s vile games which could cost him the very thing he intends to rescue, Narcise.

In my opinion, this is the strongest book in the series with The Vampire Dimitri coming in as a close second. Narcise, although tortured is a very strong heroine. I love her determination to persevere after her captivity and betrayal, her ability to open her heart again after such heartache is admirable. I thought the romance was clearly defined in the first two books and was not expecting the passionate love triangle that ensues between Giordan, Narcise and Chas, two vampires and a vampire hunter, but enjoyed it immensely nonetheless. Any woman would be lucky to have these two chivalrous and sexy men for their choosing! Chas is charming and a protector but often struggles with his affections towards Narcise, but it’s Giordan’s passion and love for Narcise that won me over, he accepts and loves her unconditionally.

I found Colleen Gleason did a magnificent job with the development of the characters and story in The Vampire Narcise. The first two books have a few story lines and different perspectives which is not the case here, the main focus is on the main characters with a few mentions of secondary characters. The pacing was faster and easier to follow in this book but it’s probably because the other two stories have already been told. The world of the Dracule is fascinating and unlike any other vampire myth you’ve read, this, along with a Victorian setting works perfectly.

I can’t say more to praise this book for fear of giving anything away. The characters are profound, the romance is sultry and the action is intense. There’s a great balance of action and romance throughout and the ending is exceptional! THE VAMPIRE NARCISE is a splendid pairing of paranormal and historical romance whose impression will stay with you far beyond the last page!

The Regency Draculia Series:


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  1. Hmm I haven’t read this series but it sounds interesting. I have read her Gardella vampire series and I loved it so I have a feeling I will like this one. Great review!

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