Night Walker Virtual Book Tour: Guest Post & Giveaway with Lisa Kessler

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Welcome to my stop on the Night Walker Virtual Book Tour! I’m excited to have Lisa Kessler at Romancing the Darkside today to talk about her new release, Night Walker who is a must read for dark paranormal romance fans. Read on for more info on this sexy vampire romance, its author and a chance to win your own copy of the book. You can read my review HERE.

“I love it Dark, How about you?” by Lisa Kessler

Hi everyone!

Thanks to Lori for letting me visit the blog today!

I’m a sucker for dark paranormal romances! In fact, the darker the better. I got my start writing horror short stories, and when the paranormal romance genre started to grow, I really found my niche.

As a reader, I enjoy the tension of life or death dark moments, and as a writer, including supernatural twists adds to the excitement. And how much darker can you get than a man who kills in order to live? Can you love and trust a man who could kill you? Would being close to you become too great a temptation?

That extra darkness and danger makes me sit on the edge of my seat, typing into the wee hours of the morning. In my debut novel, Night Walker, Calisto trades his humanity for another chance to find his one love when she is born again, but he never realized he would wait lifetimes to see her face again. By the time he finally sees her, bitterness as taken the place of hope and he’s become a hunter.

Meanwhile the Fraternidad del Fuego Santo, a fanatical faction of the church who ordered her death centuries earlier, still watches, hoping for an opportunity to end his immortal existence. But their new watcher has dark plans of his own.

So what attracts you to Romance on the Dark Side? I’d love to hear your thoughts…


THE NIGHT SERIES – Book One by Lisa Kessler

Title: Night Walker
Author: Lisa Kessler
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: August 2011
ePub ISBN: 978-1-937044-12-1
Mobi ISBN: Coming soon!
Print ISBN: 978-1-937044-13-8

He gave up his soul for a second chance to love her…

Two and a half centuries ago, Calisto Terana lost everything when a zealous priest murdered the woman he loved. Now, desperate for another chance to love her, he wants redemption for the mistake that cost her life.

She’s haunted by dreams of her own death…

After catching her fiance with another woman, Kate Bradley returns to San Diego to clear her head. The last thing she needs is romance, but after meeting Calisto she’s drawn to him in ways she doesn’t understand.

They’ve waited in the shadows for centuries…

Calisto has no doubt Kate is the reincarnation of his lost love, but the Fraternidad Del Fuego Santo has a new watcher with dark ambitions of his own. As old enemies reemerge and a new threat arises, the betrayal that enslaved Calisto to the night might destroy the only woman he’s ever loved again.

Night Walker Excerpt:

Blood marred the stone wall of his modest dorm room. His knuckles stung each time his fist slammed into the rough rock. Pain cloaked the bitterness and rage that festered inside him.

The monsignor had passed him over. Denied his chance at his destiny.


It would be Brother Cardina who would fly across the Atlantic Ocean to San Diego. Brother Cardina would watch over the Night Walker and witness immortality with his own eyes.

Grinding his teeth together, he struck the wall once more, imagining it was Brother Cardina’s pious face, but he held back, careful not to hit too hard. Bruised and bloodied flesh could go unnoticed within the ancient walls of the Fraternidad Del Fuego Santo, but broken bones would not help his cause.

Pain burned up his arm, calming him. He stepped back and basked in the ache.

Brother Cardina was no match for an immortal blood drinker.

He moved closer to the wall, drinking in the earthy scent of his blood. He would get his chance. Staring at the fresh crimson stain, he stuck out his tongue and allowed himself a long, slow lick. He closed his eyes and smiled, resting his cheek against the wall. For now, he would be patient.

Clenching his raw fists, he opened his eyes and stared at his pencil sketches of ravens. His chance would come.



Books 2, 2 1/2, and 3 coming December 2011, January 2012, and June 2012!

About the Author:
Lisa Kessler is an avid reader and writer of dark fiction. Her short stories have been published in print anthologies and magazines, and her vampire story, Immortal Beloved, was a finalist for a Bram Stoker award.

Lisa recently signed a 4 book deal with Entangled Publishing to release her Night Series. The first book, Night Walker, is scheduled to be released August 5th.

When she’s not writing, Lisa is a professional vocalist, performing with the San Diego Opera as well as other musical theater companies in San Diego. You can learn more at

Lisa lives in southern California with her incredibly fun husband and two amazing kids.

For more information on Lisa Kessler, visit her here:
Want to sink your teeth into your own copy of Night Walker?

Lisa will be giving one lucky winner an e-copy of this fabulous book!

Giveaway Guidelines:
Must be 18 years or older to enter.
Giveaway ends August 9, 11:59pm, EST.
Open Internationally.

To Enter:
Answer Lisa’s question from the guest post along with an email address in the comments.
{You must answer the question to be entered.}

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32 Responses to “Night Walker Virtual Book Tour: Guest Post & Giveaway with Lisa Kessler”

  1. Do I like it DARK? Would I be able to trust someone that could kill me?
    In real life….no and no, but OH MAN do I ever love it dark when it comes to reading. Tortured heros, bad boys, dangerous heros…bring it on! I’d even go as as far as to say the darker the better.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. BJ

    What appeals to me about dark romance is the self-control; the idea of a man who is strong enough to control his bloodlust or the urge to change into a werewolf? Sexy!

    bj AT darksideofthecovers DOT com
    (There. Got it, this time. Now off to drink more coffee…)

  3. Hi Yay! 🙂

    I agree! In real life I’m a chicken and want no part of life or death situations! LOL But in my fiction, I love it to be dark and scary…Fun!

    Thanks for commenting!

    Lisa 🙂

  4. I agree with the rest, in real life I would run for the nearest door to get away but in reading ‘sigh’ its probably because I would do the complete opposite in real life is what I am attracted to it.


  5. Lori thanks for having me on the blog today!!! You’ve made such a beautiful (and purple my favorite!) place for books…

    Love it!

    Lisa 🙂
    PS – I’ll still be here just wanted to mention how pretty this blog is! LOL

  6. I love the thought of being hunted by a tall dark and handsome guy, who with one look into your eyes can capture you so completely you loose all thought processing. I don’t mind a little danger, and the thought of finding eternal love is captivating! *drool and deep sigh*

  7. Hi Metallifan!

    Yeah I’m a sucker for eternal love… 🙂 You should’ve seen the heart floating over my head when my publisher gave me the tagline for the Night Walker cover..

    He gave up his soul for a second chance to love her…

    *dreamy sigh*

    Yep I’m a sucker! LOL

    Thanks for commenting!

    Lisa 🙂

  8. I totally agree with @metalli !!
    I’d love that danger, and C’mon, i don’t think i could resist a man like this… BUT even if he could kill me, i would rarely let him push me around, cuz I’m gonna Fight back no matter what happens after that, but he can convince me if he knows the way 😉


  9. Hi Andie! *waving*

    The beauty of the dark paranormal hero is even though he COULD kill you, he’d rather love you… Nice! LOL

    Thanks for commenting Andie!

    Lisa 🙂

  10. I’d agree with the above about how I like watching the guy struggle for that control. And knowing he could lose it, but when he overcomes it it is that much more rewarding for the reader. And it usually involves some hot sex! 😉

    In real life I’m probably chicken and would run. 🙁

    Thanks for the interview, Lisa.


  11. HI Lisa. *waving* As for Dark, capital “D” – well, there’s nothing quite so rich or dangerous or satisfying. Give me night, and shadows, and gothic atmosphere, and I’m a sucker for that world every time.

    I love reading dark, and of course I write dark because of the love I have for it.

    Right there with ya, Lisa!
    Congrats on the book.
    www. lindathomas-sundstrom .com

  12. Hi Danni –

    Ha! I’d probably run in real life too! LOL

    But yea, seeing an immortal struggle to control his inhuman urges, especially when getting intimate, definitely works for me too! LOL

    THanks for commenting!

    Lisa 🙂

  13. Hi Sarah! *waving*

    I know you like dark paranormal!!! LOL

    Thanks for being such a stuffed-full-of-awesome crit partner!!!

    And thanks for commenting too! LOL

    Lisa 🙂

  14. Hi Linda! *waving*

    I love your dark paranormals… I’m a sucker for gothic themed paranormals too… Yum!

    THanks for coming by and commenting Linda!!! You rock!!!



  15. I love the mystery and suspence with dark romance. And of course the bad boys who are struggling with the good/bad selfs.

    manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

  16. I love the fact that most dark romances are the forbidden fruit – that makes it more exciting!
    Thanks for a chance to win a copy of this awesome book:)
    jwitt33 at live dot com

  17. I’ve been attracted to the dark and creepy since I was a little kid, probably cause it was exciting and different. Paranormal heroes are also like the ultimate bad boy.

    While I like to read dark and dangerous books, I’m happy to leave it there.

  18. I don’t like the mushy-gushy romance books. I ONLY like them dark!! I love paranormal romances. There has to be a paranormal element to a romance for me to enjoy it. Those vampires and shifters are sexy, aren’t they?

    Please enter me in the draw! I’d love to read this book!

    I’m following you on GFC (Darlene), and my email address is darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. I love it all! I like the darkside because it makes me remember the crazy times of my youth. Now I am an old and respectable grandma whose younger generation is just starting to hear me tell my wild tales. And yes they are shocked and horrified! Lol 🙂
    I follow on GFC Patti P and my email is

  20. I think it’s that whole forbidden dark seduction side of things. Heroines are thrown head first into intense situations with the ultimate alpha’s. Who wouldn’t love that? Thank you for the giveaway!


  21. Hi
    I agree with some of the posts, the vamps must struggle with their nature when they find a woman they love… and there is something primal about blood exchange… so dark and at the same time so hot.
    Thanks for the giveaway

    dany7578 at hotmail dot com

  22. I like the dark, I think it is peaceful and the stars are beautiful. There are so many possibilities in the night, if you are cold you can always get warm, and things always look delicious by firelight. Thank you for this fun post and for the lovely giveaway opportunity.


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