Review: Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny by Pepper O’Neal

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Blood Fest: Chasing Destiny by Pepper O'Neal
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Published by: Black Opal Books on April 30, 2011
Format: eARC
Pages: 294
Source: Author
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She didn’t know what she was—or that what she was could get her killed...

A struggling private detective in Los Angeles, Chase Alcott has no idea about her unique genetic makeup. So when she takes on a new client—an old man with ulterior motives—she’s unaware of the danger she’ll soon face. Traveling to England to solve a mysterious murder at the request of her new client, Chase encounters terrifying creatures she thought only existed in her nightmares—only to find out she’s one of them. Caught in a web of evil and deception after learning some terrifying truths about her long dead parents, Chase doesn’t know who to believe. Does she dare trust the enigmatic Roman, a man with dark secrets of his own?

He knew what she was—he just had no idea what to do about her…

English nobleman, Roman Fernwood, half-werewolf/half-vampire, doesn’t want a mate, especially not a half human/ half-weretiger with no knowledge of what she is. But there’s something about Chase, Roman can’t resist in spite of his determination not to fall in love. Is it her fascinating American spunk and courage, or her stunning cinnamon eyes? Or could it be the passion he senses just beneath her calm, unruffled demeanor? Whatever it is, Roman must keep her safe from those who want to kill her while finding a way to show her what she is without driving her into the arms of the other were who also want her for a mate.

Fate should have considered the consequences before messing with Mother Nature.

A fun and sexy paranormal thrill ride!

Chase Alcott’s latest case as a P.I., has led her to England at her client’s request, in order to investigate a string of murders. Weary of her client’s mysterious behavior, she decides to bring her business partner and best friend David along with her. In England she meets the handsome but arrogant Roman Fernwood, her client’s grandson, who is to assist them on their case and clear his name of these strange murders that list him as the prime suspect. As she begins her investigation, Chase not only uncovers who’s really behind the murders, she learns the truth about her origins, a truth that will alter her life forever.

Take a strong-willed and outspoken female private investigator from LA with special talents, pair her up with a sexy English nobleman who’s half-vampire, half-werewolf and you’re bound to get some sparks going! Chase is the kind of heroine you gravitate to from the start. She’s strong, mouthy and won’t let anyone tell her what to do, she’s a very real character (well except for the shifter part!). I wasn’t expecting her to accept who she was or the paranormal world around her so quickly and found that to be a little out of character for her, but she handled it better than I would have. Her chemistry with Roman is both fun and seductive, I couldn’t get enough of those two and their sexy banter throughout the story!

Roman comes off as an arrogant aristocrat when he’s first introduced but quickly becomes this Alpha-male with a raw sexual magnetism once he’s introduced to Chase. Their romance is a forbidden love, being from different species and that makes it all the more exciting. Roman has vowed never to find a mate but that all changes when he meets Chase. He doesn’t know why he instantly feels an attraction to her, even while knowing what she truly is and finds himself opening up to the possibility of love the more time he spends with her. Watching the Alpha male who claims to be an eternal bachelor as a love-struck puppy is always a treat for me and Roman definitely delivers!

In CHASING DESTINY, Pepper O’Neal has created a unique twist to the vampire/werewolf lore that makes this book truly stand out. Paranormal Romance lovers will fall for the forbidden love story between Chase and Roman and Urban Fantasy fans will enjoy the mystery, suspense and intense revelations. Filled with secrets, passion and thrills, this is one amazing story to indulge in!


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