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UnGuarded by Ashley Robertson
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Published by: Author on July 1, 2012
Format: eARC
Pages: 245
Source: Author
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Guardian angel Selene was so close to becoming an archangel—the supreme of all beings—until she fell in love with Cole, a forbidden dark one. Once she discovers her vampire lover has been kidnapped and the only way to save him is by abandoning her number one priority—Caitlyn, her human charge—there really is only one answer in Selene’s mind, even though leaving Caitlyn unguarded will most likely cause Selene to fall from grace.

But her choice to save Cole doesn’t come without a price…and now Selene is racing against time to not only save her dark lover, but find a way to keep Caitlyn alive as well.

With the help of a new vampire ally, Luke, Selene will push her diminishing angel abilities to the point where her very existence lies in the balance. Now threatened with the chance of becoming a fallen angel or even dying, Selene can only pray she’ll have enough time—and good grace—to save the ones she loves.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


A gripping tale of forbidden love and sacrifice!

For a guardian angel, there is no higher status than becoming an archangel. Just when Selene was about to reach that honor, she meets the handsome vampire Cole and falls in love, ruining her chances of every being an archangel. Selene has resigned her place as an archangel and is content looking after her charge Caitlyn, while spending time with Cole. When Selene learns her boyfriend Cole has been kidnapped, her world is torn upside down as she struggles between her duty and her heart. To make matters worse, she meets an unlikely ally that is willing to help her find Cole but who stirs up feelings in Selene that are sure to cause this angel fall from grace.

UnGuarded kicks off with an intriguing premise of angels, demons and vampires all tied into a story of forbidden love. While I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I had a few bones to pick with our angel heroine Selene. We’re introduced to her romance with Cole from the very start through her thoughts and emotions, but I had a hard time really believing her undying devotion to him and connection, most likely because there was little interaction between their characters up until halfway through the story. Her connection with Luke was stronger for me and part of me wanted her to forget about her “true love” and give into him (I know…I know…she loves Cole). Selene is a tortured heroine who as an angel is torn between protecting her charge and following her heart, I get that, but as a guardian angel I feel her priority was often Cole and not her charge Caitlyn, which I found a little disheartening. All that being said, I guess any heroine that stirs up all these emotions in me is worthy of a second chance, I just expected her character to be a little stronger when it came to her duty.

The fast paced plot and a creative new paranormal world of good and evil Ms. Robertson has written is entertaining and thought provoking. Although set in a paranormal world, the characters are faced with dilemmas we can all identify with. An unexpected love triangle and forbidden romance play a key role in UnGuarded, the story lacks the steamy romance expected but there’s a delicious chemistry between Selene and Luke that make up for the lack of bedroom action. I’ll be keeping my eyes opened for a sequel and can officially say I’m on TEAM LUKE!






About Ashley Robertson

Ashley Robertson resides in sunny Orlando, Florida and loves reading and writing about everything urban fantasy and paranormal romance. When she isn’t writing you’ll find her spending time with family and friends, training in her home gym, traveling and exploring new places, drinking fine red wines, and making gourmet coffees with her Nespresso machine.

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  1. Marybelle, When I wrote UnGuarded, I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to be part of a series or a stand alone, so I did the best I could with the ending to leave both possibilities open. I’ve received countless requests for a sequel—or even a prequel—and I’m strongly considering it. But not before I finish Crimson Flames, book #2 of the Crimson Series (book #1 is my debut novel, Crimson Groves) which is due out this winter. Both Crimson Groves and UnGuarded are a mature young adult genre, and I really did struggle with keeping the sex and language minimal so the books would still cater to their audience. With that said, I’m working on an adult novella series, and hope to have two books completed in 2013.

  2. Thanks for all the support! I appreciate you all so much. I can’t wait for you all to read Selene’s story and let me know what you thought. I never want to be in Selene’s predicament, what a tough position to be in. I’m told my writing is intense, and I really hope this book is a page-turner for everyone reading it.

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