Virtual Book Tour: The Haunting of a Duke by Chasity Bowlin {Interview & Giveaway}

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TGIF! Today I have the pleasure of hosting a stop on Chasity Bowlin’s blog tour for her new release, The Haunting of a Duke, hosted by BTS Virtual Tours. This book mixes two of my fave genres, Regency romance and the paranormal, for a sweet but sexy read. I was able to chat with Ms. Bowlin and have a fun interview to share with you and of course there’s also a giveaway so pull up a seat and let’s get to it…

Welcome to Romancing the Darkside Chasity! I’m really excited to have you on the blog today and can’t wait to chat about your new release, The Haunting of a Duke.

RtD: Give us three (3) interesting facts about yourself.

CB: I read tarot cards. I stalk an indie band called Reckless Kelly to the point that I have seen them seven times in five states. I also stalk their younger brother’s band.  I have a problem. In approximately two months I will be a Licensed Professional Counselor (Associate), and no more grad school means more writing time!

RtD: Who was the hardest character to develop while writing The Haunting of a Duke?

CB: Melisande was a challenge.  It was difficult to balance her child like nature with the level of wisdom she had amassed during her time at Briarwood Hall, and that such an innocent child had such dark, twisted knowledge of the world.

RtD: Do you see a little of yourself in any of your characters?

CB: I am sure there is something of myself in them, but they all seem like such distinct individual people to me.  That would probably be a better question for my friends who have read the book.

RtD: What was your favorite scene or chapter to write in The Haunting of a Duke?

CB: I loved all the scenes with Michael and Rhys.  The bromance, the competitiveness between them was a lot of fun.  It was also a good counterpoint to the darker themes in the book.

RtD: Most heroes in the historical romance genre tend to be one of two types: the charming gentleman or the brooding rake…which best describes your hero, Duke Rhys Brammel?

CB: Rhys is more of a brooding gentleman.  He’s trying so hard to live by the rules and not allow the scandals that have touched his family to damage their reputation any further, that even though he really wants to misbheave and is very, very good at it, he rarely allows himself to let down his guard and have a good time.

RtD: Describe the romance between Emme and Rhys in under 140 characters.

CB: Intense but sweet–hot and steamy, yet still tender.  Conflicted.

RtD: I’ve always found the combination of historical romance and the paranormal an interesting mix, was it difficult to weave these two elements into your story?

CB: It wasn’t actually.  I’ve always loved both and weaving the two together was very seamless for me.

RtD: If you could travel back to any period in time and spend a week, which would you choose and why?

CB: Oh, definitely the Regency.  It’s my favorite era.  It’s always resonated with me.

RtD: Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest lately?

CB: I wish I could say yes.  With all the studying recently, I haven’t had a chance to read much more than text books.  But graduation is looming ahead and I intend to spend the holidays with my nose stuck in a book… or several.

RtD: What book is currently on your nightstand?

CB: I have one by Jennifer Haymore, one by Julia Quinn and I’m definitely looking forward to both.

Just for Fun:

RtD: Favorite Victorian hero?
CB: Fictional, any Jones from Amanda Quick’s Arcane Society Series.

RtD: Morning person or night owl?
CB: Oddly enough, I’m both. I don’t require a lot of sleep.

RtD: Coffee or tea?
CB: Tea. Iced, or hot with brown sugar and heavy cream.

RtD: You’re stranded on a deserted island and can pick one book and one person to spend the time with. Which book do you choose and who would you want for company?
CB: Fifty Shades of Grey and Gerard Butler, please.

RtD: What’s your current guilty pleasure?
CB: Irish Bacon. Yes. It’s a real thing. And I could eat breakfast for every meal of the day.

RtD: What’s your favorite thing to do during the Fall season?
CB: My favorite thing is the first day that it’s cold enough to wear boots and a sweater, and to walk through the fallen leaves.

RtD: Chasity, thanks so much for joining us today. It was a pleasure chatting with you and congrats on your new release!

CB: Thank you so much for having me!

Chasity, a former ghost hunter and professional student, lives in Kentucky where she works for a nonprofit agency providing family counseling. In her spare time she reads romance voraciously, rescues stray animals and occasionally stalks her favorite bands.

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Giveaway Details:

  • Must be 18 years or older
  • One ecopy of THE HAUNTING OF A DUKE by Chasity Bowlin

Title: The Haunting of a Duke
Author:  Chasity Bowlin
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Length: 290 pages
Sub-Genres: Paranormal, Regency

Facing danger from both sides of the grave, will two souls merge to find a love that conquers all? Communing with spirits has been both gift and curse to Emme Walters. Now it’s made her a killer’s target.

Emme knows why the Dowager Duchess of Briarleigh invited her to a house party–to investigate whether the duke, Rhys Brammel, murdered his wife years ago. But Emme never imagined she would fall in love with the brooding duke. Branded by society as a possible killer, Rhys is suspicious of Emme and her alleged “gift.” Then a late night encounter creates awareness of her other, more attractive, aspects.

When Emme’s life is threatened, Rhys becomes her protector. Emme and Rhys find passion and peril as they join forces to solve the mysteries at Briarleigh. She made him believe in spirits, but can she make him believe in love? 


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  1. Oh I am definitely going to have to try hot tea with brown sugar and cream – yum who knew. Congratulations on the upcoming completion of your studies what an awesome achievement. Every once in a while you want to sit down with a good historical and then add a little PNR what a treat. The Haunting of a Duke looks like a real tasty read and I am looking forward to the journey.

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