Mini Review: Ivory by Lola Dodge

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Ivory by Lola Dodge
Series: Manhattan Ten #2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Published by: Samhain Publishing on April 30, 2013
Format: eBook
Pages: 115
Source: Author
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That cold day in hell? It’s here…

If Ivory’s fellow flight attendants whisper that she has ice in her veins, they’d be right. She’s spent years ruthlessly suppressing her dangerous ice powers, pretending she didn’t grow up wild on the tundra.

Her legendary coolness has held solid—until a crazed attacker snaps her composure, unleashing her ice beast and blowing her cover. And she’s not sure if the man who defuses the situation is any less dangerous.

When Panther’s trans-Atlantic catnap is interrupted by Ivory’s ice spear through his mark’s gut, he doesn’t hesitate to claim her as one of the Manhattan Ten. It’s the only way to shield her from prosecution. It doesn’t hurt that the Nordic beauty puts his inner cat on the prowl.

Panther tempts Ivory in every smoldering way, but to let him melt her resistance is a risk she can’t afford. But when her past rises up to claim her, Pan is caught in the crossfire…and the only way to save him is to let the beast claim her, body and soul.

Product Warnings:
Contains one smoldering ice vixen and the sexy beast man who wants to get his claws all over her. Make sure your icemaker is in tip-top shape before reading. Mukluks optional.

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Another sexy superhero adventure for the Manhattan Ten! Anxiously awaiting the next installment!

This second installment in the Manhattan Ten series continues with the sexiness of the heroes we enjoyed in Temptress, but is actually set before making it a sort of prequel. The book is appropriately named for its heroine, Ivory (real name Valdis). She’s a sassy flight attendant who has the ability to manipulate ice. Valdis tries her best to live a “normal” life but gets herself into a little trouble on a flight from Europe to Los Angeles. When the air conditioning system fails onboard, Valdis uses her powers to keep the passengers comfortable, but to her surprise she encounters a dangerous man who discovers her secret and attempts to kill her.

Left with no other choice, Ivory is forced to silence her attacker for good, setting her in the sights of one of the mebers of Manhattan Ten, the sexy shifter Panther. When he learns Val’s attacker is the same man he was tracking, things get a little complicated for them both. To save her from public ridicule and jail time, Pan claims Val as a member of the Manhattan Ten. Now Ivory, Val must work with Pan and the Manhattan Ten to find the villain killing off superheroes. Can this icy temptress keep her cool while working alongside the smoldering beast or will he melt her heart in the process? 😉

“I’d never met such a dangerous man, and I needed to get away from him before I lost myself.”

Ivory and Panther are a force to be reckoned with! I love when the heroine is just as fierce as the alpha hero and that’s exactly what I got from this couple. Ivory is a strong, independent woman with a sensual side but who knows how to kick some ass when the need calls for it. She has a colorful past and struggles with her special abilities while trying to blend in. Heroines like her can sometimes put up a fight when it comes to an alpha male, but Ivory is a great balance of strength and femininity. I enjoyed the cat and mouse game with Panther, their flirty banter and obvious sexual attraction, but I was blown away by her ability to let him take the lead every once in a while. A tip of the hat to Ms. Lola Dodge for developing some admirable heroines!

“I’d kept the huntress clamped down for years, but Panther was too much temptation on too many levels. I could lose myself to a man like that.”

Panther was a perfect match for Ivory. He’s a true alpha with a tender side under all that muscle. Pan is the right dose of bad boy, he’s dangerous with a little mystery and sexy as hell! I’d usually want to keep him for myself but I approve of Ms. Dodge’s matchmaking with these two. Panther and Ivory heat up the pages with their romance and will leave you in need of a cold shower by the book’s end!

“You can hunt me anytime, Ivory.”

Ivory is a stellar addition to the Manhattan Ten series that I did not want to end. With equal parts action and sexy, it’s a must read for any action junkie! Not a fan of superheroes you say? I dare you to try this series,  you’ll be glad you took me up on that dare once you’re introduced to this magnificent world and its superb characters.

So much for a mini review, right?!

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  1. Great review – I’m very interested in this one. Ivory sounds like my kind of heroine – like you said, as fierce as the male hero. Since this is kind of a prequel, you don’t think it would hurt to read first, do you?

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