Mini Review: Reaper by Mina Carter

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Reaper by Mina Carter
Series: End of Days #1
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Published by: Samhain Publishing on November 1, 2011
Format: eBook
Pages: 84
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The World after the End of the World will never be the same again…

Sanctuary. Clichéd name, but the sentiment is still the same. Ten years after the end of the world, ex-soldier Mason and a small group of humans defend their fortified town against creatures of myth and legend made real. But with dwindling game to hunt and a lycan pack in the area looking for an easy meal, just surviving is getting harder every day.

Andy has a few screws loose, and she knows it. She’s been on the road since the bombs fell and changed humanity forever. Driven by inhuman instincts, she tracks the newly and soon-to-be dead and dispatches their souls to the afterlife. Sometimes they go quietly, most put up a fight. She doesn’t care either way. Her ambition in life is to find her next hit of coffee and one day, maybe, sleep in a real bed again.

Then Andy’s instincts bring her to Sanctuary and its enigmatic leader, Mason, and even the world after the end of the world will never be the same again…

Warning: Contains a snarky female Reaper with a hair-trigger temper and a caffeine addiction, a hot ex-commando with an attitude and a twisted sense of humour and a happily ever after that defies death itself.

A paranormal post-apocalyptic world with a kick ass Reaper!

Living in a post apocalyptic world where everything from ghouls to lycans threaten the existence of humans, former soldier Mason uses his military skills and a special ability to detect paranormals in order to protect the inhabitants of the town known as Sanctuary. When a female stranger strolls into their little town looking for a place to rest for the night, Mason instantly recognizes she’s not human but can’t pinpoint what she truly is. Andy is actually a Reaper, as a bringer of death she helps the dead to cross over to the afterlife but also has the power to end life. She’s beautiful with a kick ass attitude and the weapons to back it up, which only intrigues Mason. His attraction to Andy is so strong that Mason soon finds himself breaking all the rules that have kept him alive so far in exchange for a kiss with death…literally.

The world in REAPER is unlike anything I’ve ever read, dystopians societies rarely include supernatural creatures with the exception of zombies, but Ms. Carter includes a whole array in her story. The two that make an appearance are the ghouls and werewolves, but we don’t get too much detail of their kind from Andy, she pretty much sticks to explaining how to kill them. I’d like to see what other creatures come into the fold as the series progresses, all of them so far have been described as dangerous predators but it’d be interesting to see some that are not.

“Of all the creatures Andy had come across on the roads, her instincts warned her that this one, this mere human, was the most dangerous.”

While I love a short read, I really believe this story would have been outstanding as a full length novel, especially when it came to character development. Both the hero and heroine are engaging but there are so many unanswered questions that would have probably been tackled if there was time. Of the two I think the author was a little more generous with Mason’s character. We get to see glimpses of his life before the end of the world and how that life prepared him for this new world. Andy, the heroine, is somewhat of an enigma when the story begins and honestly for me she remained so throughout the story. She briefly explains her Reaper abilities but I never really learn what her life was like prior to that or much about her at all, I was left wanting when it came to her backstory. That aside, I did enjoy her personality. She’s a bad ass fighter, has just enough snark and I can definitely relate to her coffee addiction! Andy and Mason have electric chemistry and it was fun to watch the playful banter between them as they work together to remove the common enemy and keep Sanctuary safe.

“I’m planning on using that time to explore you. Taste you…and make you scream my name.”

Mason’s character is great but it was hard for me to understand some of his decisions, especially knowing he was a soldier. I couldn’t comprehend how he would “let his guard down” with Andy knowing she wasn’t human and risk his own safety and that of the town, not very smart in my opinion. There are also some hints to Mason being “not human” that make their connection believable but that subject is left up in the air with no explanation. Their romance was border line insta-love which I’m not a proponent of, but hey, it is the end of the world…you’ve got to get it when you can! I guess two days is the equivalent of months in the apocalypse. I wasn’t expecting a HEA at the end of a story like this but Ms. Carter surprised me and even threw that into the mix View Spoiler », let’s just say I definitely didn’t see that ending coming!

Even with its small imperfections, REAPER is a refreshing and intriguing read that holds your attention from start to end. Mason and Andy’s POVs offer different perspectives to this dark and deadly world with a touch of humor, creating the perfect balance. I look forward to continuing the series and seeing what lies ahead in this paranormal world. If you’re in the mood for something new in the paranormal realm with a kick ass couple and a touch of romance, this tale of the Supernatural Apocalypse is for you!

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  1. Interesting, not bad for the first book in the series. It sounds like it has potential, maybe by the second book the small imperfections are ironed out. I’ll keep my eyes on this one.
    Thanks Lori 🙂

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