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by Sara Humphreys

Excerpt from VAMPIRE TROUBLE by Sara Humphrey

He tilted her chin, forcing her to look him in the eye, and to his surprise, she didn’t resist. “If it were only about blood, youngling, then you would simply glamour a human, feed, and release him. No.” Shane traced the line of her full lower lip with the edge of his thumb, and sadness tugged at whatever was left of his heart. “We both know there is much more at play here than the need for blood.”

“Then spill it.” Maya’s features hardened, and her hands balled into fists at her sides. Dark blue eyes glittered up at him with fierce determination. “What is it that you think I’m after?”

Memories of Maya being dragged into the alley and the look of pure terror and helplessness in her eyes came roaring back—­and in that instant he knew. He felt like a fool for not realizing it the moment he’d woken from the dreamscape. When the realization dawned, something deep inside him shattered into a million tiny pieces.

“Power,” Shane whispered. His fangs burst free, and Maya let out a gasp of pleasure. “Control.” He placed a gentle kiss at the corner of her mouth. “Domination.”

Maya’s body quivered, the subtle vibrations fluttering over Shane in erotic waves, like a siren song, willing him closer. He brushed his cheek along hers and nuzzled her hair to the side, exposing her long, lovely neck. He placed his hand on the trunk of the tree, once again framing Maya’s petite frame with his far larger one.

“Do I frighten you?” he asked, taking in every beautiful feature of her face.
“No.” A smile played at her lips, and he stilled when her hands found their way to his chest. “You’re arrogant and bossy, but no, I’m not afraid of you.” Her grin widened and charmed him beyond reason. “Annoyed, not afraid.”

Maya giggled, filling his head with the sweet, clean scent of Ivory soap in an almost intoxicating way. A gust of wind wafted over them, bringing with it the thick scent of desire, and he had to taste her. Shane’s gut clenched hotly with need. Sensing what he wanted, Maya tilted her head, offering herself to him instinctively as one leg slipped enticingly between his.

“I have to taste you, Maya,” Shane whispered between kisses down her throat. Her body quaked and she moaned in response. He lifted his lip and gingerly ran the tip of his fang along the curve of her neck, knowing what he needed to do. “Will you let me taste you?”

“Yes,” Maya whispered. Her fingers curled around his wrists and her back arched, offering him what he so desperately needed.

On a curse, Shane let his fangs pierce the pristine flesh along her throat. The instant the warm sweetness bathed his tongue, lights burst behind his eyes and the world around him fell away. He’d drunk from humans and vampires, and even a fairy or two, but no one tasted anything like this. Maya’s blood was sweet and thick and sent tentacles of power through him like lightning.

He leaned in and drank greedily, and one word ran through his mind: bloodmate. The word repeated over and over like a heartbeat. It thundered through his head relentlessly. Amid the flashes of light, one image came roaring into mind—­a smiling old woman who was wearing Maya’s necklace.

Who am I?


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18480399 VAMPIRE TROUBLE by Sara Humpreys
Series: Dead In the City #2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca
Publication Date: July 1, 2014
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Shane Quesada, a four-century old vampire sentry, is known for cold, unemotional precision when hunting rogue vampires.

Maya Robertson is a youngling vampire who will not be controlled—and to prove it, she rejects Shane’s protection—only to find herself in over her head with an alpha werewolf.

Soon, a war between the coven and the werewolf clan ignites, and Maya and Shane flee to Louisiana, where their passion for each other grows—as does Maya’s power. When she finds herself at the center of the conflict, will she finally trust Shane with her life—and her heart?


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About Sara Humphreys

Sara has been a lover of both the paranormal and romance novels for years. Her sci-fi/fantasy/romance obsession began years ago with the TV Series STAR TREK and an enormous crush on Captain Kirk. That sci-fi obsession soon evolved into the love of all types of fantasy/paranormal; vampires, ghosts, werewolves, and of course shape shifters.

Recently, Sara was appointed the Chat Hostess at Discover a New Love and can be found partying with various authors and readers once a week at this hot new online book club.

Sara is married to her college sweetheart, Will. They live in Bronxville, New York with their 4 boys and 2 insanely loud dogs. Life is busy but never dull.



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