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This book may be unsuitable for readers under 18 years of age due to one or more of the following: strong sexual content, language, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Indigo Dawn by Elle J Rossi
Series: The Josie Hawk Chronicles #1
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Published by: Moon Rose Publishing on March 24, 2014
Format: eARC
Pages: 150
Source: Author
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Vampire Lust and Pixie Dust.

Josie Hawk is a Huntress. A killer devoted to protecting the humans of Nashville from the shadows that lurk in the night. But the shadows are gaining ground.

When an infamous pixie tricks Josie into a drug-induced nightmare, Josie envisions the death of her vampire lover, Keller O'Leary. Was the vision a threat ... maybe even a promise? But from whom?

Desperate to track down the source of the toxic psychedelic pixie dust, Josie kicks and punches her way toward the truth. But her efforts backfire, provoking a deadly attack at Wolfie’s—the bar Josie co-owns with her sister-in-arms, Sage.

Tag. You’re it.

Haunted by the threat to Keller, Josie scrambles to outwit her elusive opponent before the deadly game escalates and claims more lives. But in saving Nashville, will Josie lose those she loves?

Or will she be too late to stop the deadly game of tag?

*I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Vampires, witches and pixie dust…Oh My!

I can’t get enough of Josie and Keller and INDIGO DAWN finally gave me what I was craving…a full length story with these two. Just when I think things can’t get any crazier for Josie, Elle J Rossi surprises me with a new adventure for the snarky Huntress. Adding some pixies to the mix definitely made for an intriguing tale!

The Josie Hawk Chronicles continues with Josie doing what she does best, kicking some supernatural tail! I was thankful that her relationship with Keller is established and they’re finally a real couple working together in this book. Being with Keller has made Josie more open to let others in (which I like), but she hasn’t lost her fiestiness and protective nature. She’s now part of a team, working alongside Keller and his Crimson Beat band-mates not only at her bar Wolfie’s, but while hunting nasties on the streets of Nashville. Life is never boring for this gang and this time proves no different when Josie discovers some mischievous little pixies are distributing some psychedelic pixie dust in her city.

INDIGO DAWN wastes no time and jumps right into the action with Josie, Keller and their newly formed Assembly team. Each member of Crimson Beat brings their own set of skills and charming personalities to the table, I love that they all treat Josie as an equal and aren’t too alpha with her. Grant, Lucian, Alex and Matthew have great chemistry and definitely leave their mark, I wouldn’t mind a novella with just these four sexy vamps (I’m talking to you Ms. Rossi!).

Demons, vampires and shifters are some of the usual supes explore in this series so I thought the introduction of the witches and pixies just added to this fascinating world. Keller continues to make me swoon with his sexy Irish accent and passion…Josie is one lucky girl, that’s all I’ll say! We see a little more smexiness between them in this book and they certainly do a fantastic job of heating up the pages.

This book alternates between Josie’s first person POV and Keller’s third person POV, but I actually enjoy this style to the series, it allows me to connect with both protagonists. I love that Elle reveals the meaning behind the title INDIGO DAWN in the story, giving it a special connection to the characters. Josie and Keller are a breath of fresh air in this genre that can sometimes be a bit dark, I love their love and can’t wait to read what comes next for sexy couple, after all, you know what they say, the couple that slays together… 😉

The Josie Hawk Chronicles:



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  1. I SO want to make time for this book, but I just don’t see an end to my ARC review pile. I signed-up for WAY too much shit. *heads desk* I think I’d really hit it off with Josie & Keller though, AND it’s only 150 pages…

  2. I really liked the sound of this one on your last post, I wonder if the series will have the same flavor if I were to pick it up right here (Book #1). I’m saying that because if this ever gets to audio, they hardly ever publish the novellas. Well see 🙂 Another series added to my waiting list.
    Thank Lori.

  3. “Vampires, witches and pixie dust…Oh My!”

    I can’t remember if you’re one of my fellow fans of The Hollows, but that’s exactly what I though of when I saw this series. And that’s obviously not a bad thing 😉 YEP. Definitely want to check out this series and SOON. Great review, Lori 😉

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