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by Yasmine Galenorn

Thanks for joining us for our stop on the PRIESTESS DREAMING blog tour!! Yasmine Galenorn “creates a world I never want to leave”, according to Sherrilyn Kenyon… and this is the next adventure in that world. The amount of world building, character development, and GREAT STORYTELLING in the Otherworld series is why it’s lasted so long, and why readers keep coming back.

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“Top Ten Songs that Inspired the Otherworld Series by Yasmine Galenorn”

I write to music a great deal of time, so was asked to create a top ten list of the songs from my playlists that have the most meaning to me for the Otherworld Series, so here we go!

1. Believe (the Bravery): This song encapsulates the feeling of the entire series to me. In fact, I chose it as Otherworld’s “theme song” and it goes on every Otherworld playlist I make.

2. The Gap (Thompson Twins): This is the song that I see depicting Camille and Trillian’s relationship and always makes me think of them, especially when they first met (in the novella Etched in Silver).

3. In the Waiting Line (Zero 7): Again, on almost every single playlist for OW. This is an evocative song and there’s always a low point for one of the characters where everything feels bleak and where they are so tired…and this song just captures that melancholy mood for me.

4. Lithium Flower (Yoko Kanno): This, for me, is Menolly’s song. The theme to Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex, it just also captures Menolly’s essence to me.

5. Dare (Gorillaz): This is the ‘clubbing’ song for the Sisters. When they need to lay it down, roll it out, shake off the cobwebs, and go partying—I always picture them dancing to this song. Camille in full fetish wear, dirty dancing with Trillian on the dance floor (he’s the husband who likes to party), Menolly and Nerissa losing themselves in the music, and Delilah—trying not to turn into her Tabby self to go chasing the disco ball lights that shimmer across the floor.

6. Social Enemies (Orgy): The sisters live alternative lifestyles, in oh, so many ways. To me, this is the anthem for them standing up for the rights of the downtrodden, of those who live on the fringe of society, of them saying “No” to the hate groups who thrive on fear and ignorance.

7. Devil May Dance (A.J. Roach): This song evokes a mood for me—I often play it before a fight scene, as they are standing there, taking a deep breath, ready to plunge into danger not knowing what’s going to happen but knowing that they have to go, even though the odds feel overwhelming.

8. Silver Bullets (In Strict Confidence): This is a crazy-ass song, with a fantastic music video that just reminds me of the energy of the series overall. The video caught my attention—it’s gothic and moody and captures the freakshow side of what happens to my characters. And I love the driving percussion, and the Euro-feel to the music.

9. Sex on Legs (Lord of the Lost): Another one where the video caught my eye—this song encapsulates the wild sex scenes I write for Camille and her three husbands, and the rough, throw-down sex scenes between Menolly and Roman where they can let their vampiric natures out together.

10. While You’re Sleeping, I’m Dreaming (Tamaryn): This song is magical for me, and to me captures a lot of the otherworldly Fae energy that the sisters have—Camille and her magic, Delilah as Death Maiden, and Menolly when she’s out running off her predator instincts.

I’m very affected by music, and my playlists are usually massively long and varied. I put them in the back of my books so people can see what music influences my writing.

Do you have any songs that instantly affect your mood and shift you into another space?

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About the Book…

PRIESTESS DREAMING is the 16th book in the series, and D’Artigo sister Camille’s 6th book as the main point of view. In the series, the three sisters, Camille, Delilah, and Menolly, are each half fae, half “something else”. Camille is a Moon witch, who is, with her sisters and their partners, on continuing adventures to protect her family and friends, both on earth and in Otherworld, from a host of evil.



We’re the D’Artigo sisters: savvy half-human, half-Fae operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. My sister Delilah is a two-faced werecat and a Death Maiden. Menolly is a vampire married to a gorgeous werepuma. And me? I’m a Moon witch married to three gorgeous husbands, and I’m about to journey through the veils to search for a long lost legend…

With the war in Otherworld raging, the Queen of Shadow and Night summons me to her court. Aeval orders me to embark on a hunt through the mists to find an ancient ally she once knew. I must seek out The Merlin and wake him from his long sleep. But Morgaine and Bran are along for the journey, and the pair pose a threat to both me and my quest. Now, surrounded by danger on all sides, I must pray they are allies rather than enemies, as we undertake a perilous search through the labyrinth of time…

Here’s how YOU can pre-order your copy…

Preorder Priestess Dreaming from  Amazon Preorder Priestess Dreaming fromAudiobook Stand Order Priestess Dreaming Order Priestess Dreaming Order Priestess Dreaming Order Priestess Dreaming Order Priestess Dreaming Order Priestess Dreaming
Order Priestess Dreaming Order Priestess Dreaming Order Priestess Dreaming

I would definitely recommend reading the previous books in the series first. While each book does have a bit of a recap, there isn’t enough information (which would have to be considerable, honestly) to start this far into the story and fully understand all that’s going on. So, if you haven’t started the series, DEFINITELY pick up WITCHLING and get going!!! I promise, it won’t take you as long as you may think to get caught up. (Think marathon… order pizza for the family, and get comfy!!)

One way to start… if you haven’t yet… is to WIN a copy of WITCHLING!!!

Also, you can click the rafflecopter link below to enter a tour wide goodie bag prize hosted by Yasmine!!! (including random goodies, swag, and a $50 Gift Card!)


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About Yasmine Galenorn

Hi, I'm New York Times, USA TODAY, and Publisher's Weekly bestselling author Yasmine Galenorn. In April 2012, I won a Career Achievement Award in Urban Fantasy at the Romantic Times Convention.

I write urban fantasy/paranormal romance for Berkley: the Otherworld Series, (aka Sisters of the Moon Series), the Indigo Court Series, and the upcoming spin-off series in the Otherworld altaverse--the Fly By Night Series.

And yes, I'm a shamanic witch and am considered an elder in the Pagan community, having been in the Craft since February 29th (yes, leap year day), 1980. I walk an eclectic path and consider my life to be a blend of teacups and tattoos--the former in my china closet, the latter on my skin--I'm heavily inked. I collect teacups, teapots, Old Country Roses china (Royal Albert), antlers and skulls (of the non-human variety), daggers and crystals. And of course, my bookshelves are overflowing with books. I cannot walk out of a bookstore without buying at least one book. My TBR pile is huge!

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