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“If you could be any sort of shapeshifter what would you be and why?” by Isabel Cooper

Honestly? If I could be any kind of shapeshifter, I’d be whatever kind Mystique from The X-Men is. (I guess that’s technically “mutant human”, but whatever.) Taking on someone else’s identity wouldn’t actually be that helpful these days, although twenty years ago I’d have had big dreams of posing as my teacher and cancelling class forever, but who needs a specific identity? I could have a great body without going to the gym, I could switch hair and eye color without messing around with dye and contacts, and yeah, blah blah, “nobody knows the real me” angst, whatever—I don’t want anyone looking at my natural form, and that’s not Scaly Blue Hot Chick. (I always feel like “the real you” is overrated, no matter who you are. There’s an inspiring statement for the holiday season, huh?)

Anyhow, the point here is that I’m shallow. 😉

But if I could turn into any kind of animal, to be honest, it’d probably be a pretty non-showy one. Don’t get me wrong, tigers and wolves and so on are great, but as with so many fictional magical powers, I feel like there aren’t many situations in my life where suddenly becoming an eight-hundred-pound death kitty is going to get me very far. It might be briefly satisfying during my morning commute, but then some guys come in with tranquilizer darts, I end up doing tricks for raw steak in a Vegas lounge act…

…actually, that could rock. I like Vegas. I like my steak blue. I’d probably make a very employable giant tiger, since you could mostly rely on me not to eat trainers or audience members. I guess the trainers would get way less respect if it got out that I was human, but on the other hand, turning into a chick in a leotard might be a draw in itself.

So, okay. Possibly tiger. But what I was thinking of before that weird little alternate path came up was some kind of bird. That could totally work. I like travel and I really don’t like airplanes. I couldn’t carry a whole lot, but I could use the money I saved on plane tickets to just buy whole new outfits and whatnot at my destination. This is a workable plan.

I’d have to be a predator of some kind, though. Not that I really want to eat sparrows, but better than having something bigger eat me. Being a were-owl might be awesome, actually: owls are neat, and I’d have an excuse for sleeping all day.

Though if I really wanted to be intimidating: were-goose. The name sounds silly, but those things are *terrifying*.

Yeah. Were-goose. I could fly all over the world, and my enemies would flee before my Death Honk. It’s a plan.

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About the Book

9781402284700 Title: The Highland Dragon’s Lady
Series: Highland Dragons #2
Author: Isabel Cooper
Pubdate: December 2, 2014

He’s Out of the Highlands and on the Prowl…

Regina Talbot-Jones has always known her rambling family home was haunted. She’s also aware her brother has invited one of his friends to attend an ill-conceived séance. She didn’t count on that friend being so handsome…and she certainly didn’t expect him to be a dragon.

Younger son of a family of shapeshifting dragons, Highlander Colin MacAlasdair has lived a life free of both family duty and mortal cares. Moving in and out of human society as he wishes, he takes very little seriously—until Regina drops onto his balcony one midnight, catching his attention and his interest. She’s like no mortal he’s ever met, and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t seem to get her out of his head.

Bound by circumstance, drawn by the fire awakening inside of them, Colin and Regina must work together to defeat a vengeful spirit—and discover whether their growing love is powerful enough to defy convention.

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The Highland Dragons Series:
Legend of the Highland Dragon
The Highland Dragon’s Lady
Night of the Highland Dragon


About Isabel Cooper

Isabel Cooper lives in Boston with her boyfriend and a houseplant she’s kept alive for over a year now. She maintains her guise as a mild-mannered project manager working in legal publishing. She only travels through time the normal way and has never fought a demon, but she can waltz.



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12 Responses to “Guest Post with Isabel Cooper author of THE HIGHLAND DRAGON’S LADY + Giveaway”

  1. If I could shapeshift into any creature, it would probably be one of big cats. I’m also a huge fan of werewolves. I’ve been reading more stories with some different shifters that are use much more rarely. I think shapeshifting into almost anything would be interesting.

  2. Carol L

    I’d like to shift to a Panther. I love highlanders. Add dragons and I’m definitely interested.
    Carol L

  3. I’ve been contemplating putting a sign over the door to my den/library/computer room, “HERE THERE BE DRAGONS”. I get a bit nasty when the grandchildren are all here at the same time (we have 12 of them).

    I think I’d like to turn into a small fire breathing dragon with a wing span of less then 10′. I’d blow smoke rings at the little urchins so they’d not bother me. LOL LOL

  4. I LOVE owls, they are as cute as cats in the internet 😉
    If I could shift into anything I want, I would turn into a ball of fire…LOL
    if not, I’d pick to be an Eagle….Although I know that wouldn’t work in a romance, birds are just not

  5. What a great question, and I had to really think. I think a small house cat would work because they can show up anywhere, and a huge cat wondering around the city would scare too many people..besides I love cats 🙂 hmm or maybe a big bird so I could fly too. I just bought my first dragon book a few days ago so that kind of shifter is kind of new to me if you don’t count the BDB one 🙂

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