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“A Weird Interview” by Cecy Robson

Let’s get to know the Weird Girls: Celia, Taran, Shayna, and Emme Wird. So, what makes you girls so special?

Celia looks around and shrugs. “I can transform into a golden tigress and shift―break up my body into minute particles and pass through the earth like sand through a colander. I can also change into other animals if they brush against them, but it’s usually accidental and rather embarrassing.

Shayna laughs. “Yeah. Like the time you turned into that giant chicken from the waist down, and fell up the steps right in front of Aric. Dude, your feathered butt was huge . . .” Her voice trails at upon catching Celia’s glare. She clears her throat. “I can manipulate metal―sharpen blades that sort of thing. I can also wield weapons like a master―nothing with ammo. Just knives and swords and such.”

Emme glances around and blushes when she realizes it’s her turn. “Ah. I can heal injuries and wounds so long as the person or supernatural isn’t too far gone. But my healing powers have no effect on illnesses or diseases. I can also move objects with my mind.”

And you Taran?
Blue and white fire flares over her head and mini bolts of lightning sizzles from her fingertips. “You’re looking at it,” she says. “I occasionally catch glimpses of the future in dreams, but for the most part it’s bullshit. Anything else you want to know?”

Anyone special in your life?

Emme glances down at her hands. “There was once. But I guess I’m still looking for the one.”
Shayna throws and arm around her. “And some day you’ll find him for sure, Em.” She looks over and smiles. “I’m married to a big puppy.”

Taran rolls her eyes. “He’s not a puppy. He’s a werewolf capable of ripping people and eating their livers.”

Shayna frowns. “It was just that one time, and Koda was really hungry.”

This time, it’s Celia’s turn to blush. “I do have someone. His name is Aric. He’s a pureblood werewolf and leader of his kind. It’s been a rough road, but I’m looking forward to forever with him.” Her voice quiets. “Hopefully, we’ll be able to have it.”

What about you, Taran?

She forces a grin. “Let’s just say love is a four letter word, but I have other favorites.”

Okay . . . so, a few quick questions. Celia, what’s on your nightstand?

“A lamp, but that’s about it.”
“A bottle of lube. You see Puppy―”
“I’m going to stop you right there,” Celia interrupts.
“What? Koda likes to massage me at night,” Shayna says. She thinks about it. “Although we could use it for his giant―”
“Again, I’m going to stop you right there,” Celia says.
A small wicked smile spreads across her lips. “Torn panties, a box of condoms, fuzzy cuffs, a pack of batteries, and a bottle of lube, but sure as hell not for massaging.”

Ah, Emme?
“A book.” She glances around. “But I almost think I should say more.”

Okay . . . favorite position―
“Standing up with my legs thrown over his shoulders,” Taran answers without hesitation.

I meant when you play softball field.
Taran frowns. “I don’t do that shit.”
Emme shakes her head. “I can’t run, catch, hit, or throw. The last place I belong is on a field.”
Shayna raises her fists. “Swing, batter, batter, batter.”
Celia shrugs. “I can perform in any position.”
“Aric thinks so, too,” Taran adds with a grin.

All righty. Finish this line. “Love is . . .”

Shayna grins. “Is forever.”
“Something I’m still looking for,” Emme answers quietly.
“Bullshit,” Taran snaps.
Celia thinks about. “Worth it,” she answers.

Has it been worth it, Celia?
She looks around at her sisters, smiling softly. “Yes, it really has.”

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About the Book


A Curse Unbroken
Weird Girls # 5
By: Cecy Robson
Releasing March 10th, 2015

Fans of Keri Arthur will love the Weird Girls, four sisters cursed with supernatural powers. In Cecy Robson’s latest urban fantasy romance, the search is on for an unholy grail, while evil is licking its wounds—and looking for revenge.

The preternatural world is changing. After a massive magical throwdown tore apart the established order, the dark elements are rebuilding their ranks unopposed. Celia Wird’s world is changing, too. She’s the mate of the pureblood were Aric, and his Warriors are honor-bound to protect her family as she and her sisters recover from unimaginable horrors.

Celia hesitates to reveal the true extent of the Wird sisters’ trauma, but they aren’t the only ones keeping secrets: Aric and the werewolf Elders are tracking a stone that grants limitless power. So is a tough coven of witches. Then Misha, a master vampire with his own plans for the stone, sends Celia after it. Can she and the vamps beat both the weres and the witches to the treasure before it falls into the wrong hands?

Fearing for Celia’s safety, Aric begs her to stay out of the hunt. What they don’t realize is that they’re the ones being hunted. But Celia’s ready to prove that she’s not easy prey.

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Excerpt from A Curse Unbroken

It took the soft graze of his knuckles against my cheek to assure me this was more than a dream. My body trembled and so did my voice. “Yes,” I managed.

Everyone assembled cheered when Aric kissed me, including Heidi who changed from her white wolf form to stand beside her mate, Danny. Unlike me and being were, Heidi didn’t mind being unclothed. In fact she preferred it.

Three white doves landed a few feet to our left, their loud fluttering wings demanding attention and stirring my inner beast. I broke our kiss, smiling as the little birds closed in. Aric had gone all out!

The one in the center scurried forward, leaving a small trail behind him in the sand. “Celia Wird,” it screeched.

My eyes widened as the shape-shifter posing as a dove lunged at me. Aric hauled me behind him, but the form the shifter took as it lunged was large and strong enough to tackle us to the ground.

I was crushed beneath the weight of Aric and the shifter. My lungs burned as the air was forced out. Aric yelped in pain before snarling and taking out a chunk of whatever was on top of us. A horrible crunching sound filled my ears as I fought to take a breath, but before I could panic from the lack of oxygen, the weight was abruptly lifted.

I scrambled into a crouch, my tigress eyes replacing my own as the rest of my beast demanded out. Aric guarded me with his massive gray wolf form. Blood dripped from his jowls, coating the dead tiger at his feet.

Aric had torn the tiger’s throat out, killing the shifter almost instantly. My fingers gripped his fur. I was stunned. It had taken me, my three unique sisters, and a swarm of vampires to kill the last shape-shifter we’d encountered. Either Aric got lucky or his strength as a pureblood werewolf continued to grow.

Aric curled his body around mine and howled, calling all nearby weres to his aid as chaos erupted around us.




About Cecy Robson

CECY ROBSON is the New Adult and Contemporary author of the Shattered Past series, and the award winning author of the Weird Girls Urban Fantasy Romance series. A self-proclaimed professional napper, Cecy counts among her talents a jaw-dropping knowledge of useless trivia, the ability to make her hair big, and a knack for breaking into song, despite her family’s vehement protests. A full-time writer, registered nurse, wife, and mother living in the South, Cecy enjoys spending time with her family and silencing the yappy characters in her head by telling their stories.



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